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    Lately I’ve been playing around with adding a shuffle value into recipe lines via macros. It’ll work just fine the first couple times but after a couple uses the shuffle command successfully makes it into the recipe line but the selection order does not get shuffled

    Anyone else having this issue ?

    I can’t wrap my head around these features that were so prominent in the 2, being missing from the 3.

    If I’ve got a bunch of titan bar, fusion bars, any kind of bar I’m relying heavily on bounce effects, being able to change direction of fx with macros on the fly, and using cue stack chasers to create fun stacks of directional chasers.

    Can we please see these standard 2 features in the 3 soon? <3

    FYI, I’ve tried the 4 stack chaser stuff people have suggested in other threads to creat a bounce effect. It’s not remotely close to what I’m looking for.

    But it’s stomps pan and tilt for a whole group not just for the movement. If you save the movement to a fader and change the fader to temp it is size by default. But if you stomp pan tilt for a group and save that as a temp fader it will size fade any movement effect for said group. Unfortunately in practice if you engage a new movement after reducing the size of a previous movement, the fader position doesn’t carry over. So you have to drop the fader before it will continue to work.

    Unless I’m doing something wrong, I’d love to not have to add this macro so all my movements.