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    I'm having lots of issues getting a stable artnet timecode signal into MA3 onPC V1.9.2.2. I had the same issues on V1.8. Last night it was working flawlessly, but now I just sat down to work on some things and its having issues again. Timecode signal cuts out, it does not pick up sometimes for 20 seconds, drops out randomly.

    I use a Macbook for playback which sends LTC to my PC via XLR to USB cable. My PC then picks up that LTC and converts it to Artnet TC using Show Cockpit software.

    I run Depence3 and use a Viz key on my PC. My MA net IP is and I'm using for Artnet.

    I have tried disabling WIFI and restarting my PC but that did not help.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


    How does one flip the pan or tilt values of a selected set of fixtures with a position called?

    How example. In previz I make some positions. Then I get to the rig and see that my fan out looks like a fan in. Yes, I know I can invert the dmx values, but this is not always the solution, as sometimes that means one set of fixtures will pan left while the other set will pan right when the encoder is turned the same way. I like to do the dmx inverts so that all fixtures pan and tilt the same way.

    Anyway, my syntax in MA2 to flip a position was as follows:
    step one - select the group

    step 2 select the position

    syntax - Attribute Pan At *-1

    step 3 update position

    On MA3 I have tried all the following syntax with no success..


    Cue 1 Recipe Group preset 0 thru 360

    Cue 2 Recipe Group preset 360 thru 0

    Note that your group selection is important to make this work, like a Rig bounce left to right.

    I don't really understand how this makes it bounce, can you elaborate?

    Setting the cues to 'time' so they trigger repeatedly make them glitch so it looks awful.

    How does one invert the pan/tilt dmx of selected fixtures with one click? I know there is built in macros to invert pan/tilt. However, they require you to manually input every fixture number which is very time consuming on large rigs.

    I enter a world with only the fixtures I want inverted then the Syntax I am trying is:

    Set Fixture thru Property "Pandmxinvert" "Inverted"

    However, the above will invert the pan of every fixture in the file.

    On MA2 I select the lights I want to invert, then run below macro:

    In GrandMA2 when I run the syntax 'Off Timecode 1 Thru' it stops all timecode playback and turns off every active exec that was stored in the timecodes so nothing should be playing back. This does not seem to happen on GMA3. Execs are still active and running, just the timeline stops running. Is there a setting I am missing or is this not implemented yet?

    As I am working around my file, programming, making macros etc the command line often gets populated with things I don't want or need. In this situation, when I'm programming a song if I select some lights and then type 'store 1', the console should write 'store cue 1' instead it asks me a question about macros.

    I generally only ever want the 'Fixture' keyword there. I have to restart the software to clear it again.

    Is this a bug or is it the intended function?

    I am trying to use this syntax to the values of multiple phasers but getting nowhere. I want to assign dimmer preset 1.12 at step 2 of phasers 23.1 thru 23.10.

    I call the fixtures, then select the preset.

    Then my syntax is: Store preset 23.1 thru 10 step 2 and I click Merge.

    The problem is this deletes step 1. So the phasers are now one step. What is it I am missing? Or is it even possible to do this?