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    He Everyone,

    Im having trouble trying to make some old macros i had in MA2. I had a few that double or halved the intensity using the * and / but when i try to do this in a macro in MA3 i have no luck. I would of thought it would have been "at percent * 2" but it seems to do nothing.

    Could anyone let me know if this is possible at the moment or are we still waiting?


    Hey Everyone,

    Im having a weird thing when i make Universal XY colour presets it the seem to be acting like global presets and only working with only the fixture type that it was created with rather than any fixture with XY colour.

    Has anyone else noticed this? Is this a bug? as i would imagine out of all the colour attributes XY should be the one that works with universal the best.

    Thanks :)

    Hey everyone,

    Just got a question about global presets with different fixture modes.

    When I first started playing around with MA3 and noticed that in the patch all the modes are under one fixture type I was excited hoping that global presets would now work with all the modes with the same attributes under the one fixture type. But sadly now having a play with it properly it doesn't do what I would hope it would.

    I work mainly in film and tv and using the Arri Skypanel range as an example. You have 4 different lights that use the same LED engine and are the same colour, yes in one mode they can all use the same fixture profile but when they are in Light Engine mode they all need a different profile. I was hoping I could just make a custom fixture type with all these modes in and then just select the mode depending on which light is in use and there for the one set of global presets would still work. This would save a lot of time as I wouldn't have to clone presets when ever a new colour is made on set.

    Does anyone know of an easier way of doing this? If all else fails I can just go back to my MA2 way and have macros that clone everything but it would be nice if there was a better way.



    Hey Everyone,

    Just trying some things which I cant get working. Im trying make some macros which I use often in MA2 two of which is a Double It and a Halve It.

    The command /2 and *2 work in the calculator but not in the command line. Is this a Not Yet Implemented or am I doing something wrong for trying to run this in the command line.



    Hey Everyone,

    I just have a question about the phasers in MA3. I work in film and TV and have been using the MA2 for years and sadly the one effect I use often if a Fire Effect that I made from a custom form. Using the High and Low levels to be able to change the base level of the fire and then use the high to adjust the top level of the fire. Im sure everyone is familiar with how the effect engine work on MA2 so I won't go on about that side of it anymore.

    What I have noticed with MA3 is once I make a phaser with say 20 steps in it to make a fire effect it seems quiet hard to replicate a way to manipulate it the same way that MA2 did. I have managed to work out using the absolute and relative options in the phaser editor but it seems when changing those levels over and over again as I would on set that after a while the phaser levels looses its shape and you cant get it back to anything similar to how it started.

    Does anyone know if MA are planing on adding a way to adjust the high and lows similar to a way that you could in MA3? I love the new phaser setup but the lack of this feature is really the only thing stopping me from using MA3 for any Movie or TV show I work on in the future and it would be amazing if the feature would be added at sometime.

    Thanks for anyone who made it through my post and if anyone has any ideas for a work around or a way to do this.


    Hey Guys,

    Just wondering the syntax for controlling a single attribute from the command line.

    What im after is a way to control the colour temperature of a Arri Sky Panel from a macro with out having to make heaps of colour presets. I already know what percent the colour temperature channel needs to go up and down in but cant figure out how to control it from the command line.

    Im sure its simple and once someone answer me i will be duhhh of course.

    Thanks for help.


    Hey Guys,

    Is there a way to select a channel that has an effect running on it already and Slow or Speed up the effect by 10bpm using the CMD line? Set speed will vary depending on the effect that is running.

    What I'm trying to do is make a set of macros that once i have a channel selected I can press them to speed up or slow down the effect by a set level. I dont want to use a speed master as i have a few base effects which i use as templates and then change High and Low levels to get the look i want and i may have a few channels running off the same effect but i want to change the speed of in the programmer separately.

    Hope that makes sense.