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    Well that seems like a major mis-step with the buttons, but thanks for confirming it's lack of support - that honestly does help me a good deal. I've edited my original post to reflect the new knowledge. My questions remains though!

    And for clarification, I said available to the public, not v1.0. Release for v0.8.3.1 was 2018-08-02. 4 years, 4 months, 4 days excluding today, no? Granted it was only console software at that point.

    Hey all, this is directed at the moderators, but would like to hear others opinions on this:

    After reading Ryan Kanarek's 'What's taking so long?..." thread and much of the back and forth on this forum regarding implementation of new features over the 4+ years the MA3 software has been available to the public, I question why MA is so secretive about new potential features and development. I'm not asking that we get a 1-for-1 calendar of what is to come and when, but would it be that detrimental to the community / software if we knew approximately what features we can hope for in the future? Even broad strokes of such.

    I think many, myself included, are excited to be building our core showfiles in MA3 while discovering all the new and time saving features that are already implemented - but there are still so many quality of life features that require LUA workarounds and MA2 functions that I've personally rely on without knowing if I need to think about redistributing my dependency on those features or not.

    Anyways, I appreciate the work ya'll have done so far and understand the software is a slow evolving organism - just looking for a little light to help guide me through the transition.

    And here's some wild speculation as to what I've found collected from various sources:

    - Tracking shield (Mod's MA Forum Post)

    - Finite loops in phasers (MA Forum Post)

    - Single digit shortcut for programmer values (MA Forum Post)

    - User-customizable attribute-encoder page arrangement (MA Forum Post)

    - Extracting hard values from fixture to fixture (MA Forum Post)

    - ASCII import functions (MA Forum Post)

    - Deactivate calculator function (Mod's MA Forum Post)

    - Agenda (Implemented v1.5!)

    - Gels in patch (MA3 Manual)

    - Channel pages (Asked for, MA Forum Post)

    - Command line multiplication (MA3 Manual "*" page references it, but maybe is just calling it by it's alternate symbol name)

    - Conditionals (Assumed, lots of posts asking for it)

    - Bitmap or some sort of pixel mapping (Mod's MA Forum Post)

    Confirmed Not Happening

    - Rotary encoder button presses assignable