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    Hey gang,

    Using 11 Spiiders in RGBW Pixel mode, have pixels in layout and selection grid, all good there. Trying to use MAgic Color Preset to do a big rainbow by storing 3 pixels, but the outer ring only is interpolating the colors not the other pixels, leading me to believe the inner ring and center dot are in the personality as different "fixture types" or something. It is the GDTF Share Robe Lighting Spiider RGBW personality, so should be solid. Is there anything I can poke around in the personality to get the pixels to unify?



    So if I'm running MA3 on my own tour desk, and I have to use a festival rig where the whole system is on an MA2 NPU, is it difficult/a bad idea to switch that festival NPU to sACN mode for my set?

    Considering making the big move to MA3, but going from tour to festivals a lot, this is a possible constraint that would likely prevent that. If this is a fix, I'm RTG!