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    Anyone else experiencing performance issues with 3d dropping to 10fps since software update

    I've load up my same very simple showfile, with is now dropping to 10fps in the 3d visualiser with all my 30x fixtures at full intensity.

    Also noticing occasional black flicker every minute or so in visualiser.

    Got a OnPC XT wing. Less then a year old.




    Just updated to 1.9 on my OnPc XT.

    Having a wonderful time trying to get my encoder bar to reappear after editing some things in phaser view.

    It seems that if I select a fixture, it will jump to that fixtures parameters as intended. However if I try and press anything, the whole bar vanishes.

    Any hints to force it to return?

    If I select a phaser it reappears in phaser editor mode (which seemed to have the encoder wheels mapped wrong for some reason, but one issue at a time)

    I can use it to edit phasers, but can't select any other fixtures and edit their parameters


    Noticing a functionality bug with my MA3 Onpc XT.

    When I am setting up my rig layout or 3d rig, every time i deselect and move onto another group, the latch for "setup" shows that its in setup mode, but instead the next group has its parameters editable by the encoders.

    it's quite time consuming constantly having to unlatch, and relatch "Setup" for either of these every single time I grab a different group or fixture.

    I also have an issue where often when I'm in 3d view positioning/rotating fixtures, I'm using manual XYZ values, which seem to by default add or subtract from current values?

    I work in hard values nearly always, so this is quite time consuming again to have to use the "MA + ." trick to get around this.

    Can this be a preference?

    Also it's very odd to have relative as default?