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    Hey. I’m trying to clean some presets. Some of them are duplicated so I would like to see if a specific preset is being used in a specific sequence in order to know if I can delete it. But I don’t want to do it manually, because it is a 500 cues sequence using thousand of parameters, so it’s not that easy as looking in the track sheet. So how would you do it? Maybe filtering a parameter in the Track Sheet if possible?

    Thank you a lot

    Hey, when I hit Clear 3 times to make a ClearAll command sometimes some of my fixtures stay on. I make sure all of my executors are off (via “everything off” command) but it doesn’t work.

    I have an onPC + grandMA P.U as a backup system, and I think here could be the problem, maybe users configuration or something wrong in our network.

    To solve it I usually hit off + ifoutput.

    What do you think it could be the problem?