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    Hey, I also work in theater and we work a lot with MIDI. Our workflow is as follows:

    I set the MIDI settings so that a certain midi note triggers a macro, which in turn triggers the "goto cue x" command.

    To do this, you must first create a note in the midi settings. Here is a table showing which midinote has which decimal number:

    For example, if your audio colleague sends you a C1 with which you want to trigger cue 100, you have to enter this in the midi settings:

    And build a macro like this:

    If you work with several sequences, you should write "goto cue x seq y" in the macro.

    If you often work with a lot of midi cues, it is worth preparing all the notes in the midi settings, then you only have to write and assign the macros. I have built a macro where I only have to enter the midinote and the cue, the rest happens automatically. But that requires some preparation. If you are interested I can share it here.

    Best regards, Anton

    Hello, how do I find the name of a specific sequence in Lua?

    I have a macro that stores the show with date and time in the name, but it should also contain the name of seq 22 (this is always our main sequence).

    I use this line for the variable 'NAME':

    Lua “local tc=Root().StationSettings.TimeConfig;SetVar(UserVars(),‘NAME‘,String.format(‘%s-%02d:02d‘,‘xxx %m%d‘),tcHour,tc.Minute))“

    The name of seq 22 should always be at position xxx. How is this possible? Thank you

    Hi, what is the command to save the show file to drive 2?
    At the moment I am using the same commands in a macro that I press to save:

    -Menu "MenuSelector"
    -Menu "Backup"
    -Select drive 2
    -SaveShow "xxx"

    I am sure it is possible to write this in one line. Can anyone help me?

    And how can I find these commands myself? I don't want to annoy you here every time with little things like this, but I don't know how I can figure it out myself

    You can create a two step phaser with color only.
    Step 1: color preset white
    Step 2: set all color attributes to release

    Phase 0 thru 360
    Transition 0% in both steps
    Width step1 10% step2 90%
    (You can play around with the width a bit, but the sum of both steps should always be 100% if you want them to play with the bpm)

    You can then put this on a temp executor.

    The only problem is that it only works for a selection of fixtures that you have previously defined in the phaser. As far as I know, you can't assign a phase to a universal phaser.

    Maybe it works with recipes, but I don't have much experience with that

    I'll take up the topic again. Does anyone know what the code is to get the stored time zone? In my case UTC+2.

    I currently use in several macros, but it is always shifted by two hours.

    Hello, is it possible to make a SelFix for the selected sequence via a command? SelFix Seq is not implemented. If I just press SelFix please, only the fixtures that are stored in the current cue are selected. I would need to select all fixtures that are stored in the entire selected sequence (without knowing which sequence number it is). Thanks!

    Yes exactly, they should always behave in parallel. The default of dim 2 is 0%. It is correct that dim2 is 0 when I have cleared and there is no output. The problem is that if I only turn on the normal dimmer, dim2 doesn't come on. This means that dim2 is also at 0 even if the fixture is open in a cue, unless I actively turn dim2 on. The relation only works if I have dim + dim2 active in the programmer. I also think that the problem has only occurred since version 2.0.

    Hello, I have a problem with 6kw HMI spotlights. The devices have a Dim2 which is connected with a relation to the normal dimmer. (If the dimmer is at 100, Dim2 should also be at 100, otherwise vice versa)
    At first I thought the relation was not working at all, but the strange thing is that when I have the Dim2 active in the programmer at 100, the relation suddenly works. However, as soon as I have cleared and reselected the fixtures, nothing happens with dim2 if I only change the normal dimmer value. Also strange is that the relation between fan and dimmer always works without problems.
    Does anyone know what the problem could be?

    Hi Ahuramazda, I'm having a problem running the plugin and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I have already tried it with a completely new showfile, a few fixtures and groups. It always ends with a Lua runtime error.

    Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

    Hi, does anyone know if it is possible to connect an MA3 extension to an onPC command wing? I know it sounds a bit strange, but I could borrow both at work for a job. Unfortunately we don't have a faderwing, but I would like to extend the command wing.