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    Hey There,

    Just read your Post looking for something different.

    At least for Top 2 I can give an answer.

    If You want to Control Attributes with the Rotary Encoders you can do it with a very simple Command.

    E.g. If you want to control the attribute Focus:

    You can define Commands for "Encoder left Turn" and "Encoder right Turn"

    Attribute "Focus" at + 1 // Assigned to "Encoder right Turn" will increase the Value of "Focus" by 1
    Attribute "Focus" at - 1 // Assigned to "Encoder left Turn" will decrease the Value of "Focus" by 1

    It´s important to set blanks between the + and the Value. By this MA interprets your Value as relative Value. If the blank is missing th result will always be: Attribute "Focus" = 1 or -1 depending on input.

    You can also Combine those Assignments with the MA-Key. By holding down the MA-Key and turning the Same Encoder you can trigger a diffrent Command.


    Hey Guys,

    this is from June 2020 and the topic still isn´t implemented yet.

    When can we expect it to be implemented ?

    Lua may be nice but its pretty unhandy if you want to get things solved quick and dirty or on the fly.

    Kindly regards


    Hey there,

    got the same Problems.

    Capture knows about the binding of the VizKey to an specific Networkadapter.

    the only way Capture appears in MA3 ist when set to Update Mode and MA3 thinks its on the wrong Software Version.

    Running Evrything on the same Computer it Works fine and identifies the correct software version.

    And evrything set to Version 1.6 (Latest veryfied tested Version from Capture) everything Works as intended.

    - FDVT