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    Hey Everyone!

    I would like to cut a Fixture from under a grouping fixture, and paste it under a different grouping fixture. I'd like to do it all by commands.

    I got as far as being able to cut a Fixture, but every time I try to paste it, I get an "Illegal destination list"

    Could somebody help me with this? Is it even possible by the command line/macros, or should I turn to Lua?

    Thanks a lot,

    It's not a filter...the release function...but it gives you the advantage to use MATricks if you step from a release to a value. F.e. if you want the dimmer back in your sequence you can use a delay from 0 to 1, which makes a swipe in. With your world filter this is not possible....the dimmer will appear direct. And as other way...try the edit function in preview/blind mode.

    Thomas Koppers Could you elaborate a bit more on this? If I use Matricks fade/delay times in my sequence, and change the values in the underlying preset like you suggested with copy /merge-ing different values into the preset, may lights still snap to the new value. Or does this only work when you are stepping from release to a value? I would like to better understand how exactly did you achieve this behaviour.

    Hello Everyone,

    I have a movement phaser in a sequence, and I wanted to apply an output filter, which would only allow the Pan or Tilt attributes to pass.

    I have created two filters one with only Pan and one with only Tilt active. If I assign either to the sequence, all pan and tilt data is still being output, almost like I have done nothing. Only when I assign a filter with both Pan and Tilt unchecked, will it limit the phaser, but then it stops completely, as expected.

    Is this expected behaviour?

    Are filters only supposed to filter data from a sequence to the featuregroup level, not down to the individual attribute?

    If I use these same filters for creating presets, they work perfectly, allowing only Pan or Tilt values to pass.

    Thanks for the input, that is what I have done in the end.

    Very interesting, when I've changed the cue command to "Go+ Macro x", the command was executed right even when triggered by the dmx remote. Only my original command, which was something like "Assign Group x at Sequence y Cue 1 part 0.1", failed to execute.

    Still don't understand what was the reason for this.

    I have observed the following behaviour:

    I have a sequence’s master controlled by a dmx remote. The sequence has only one empty cue, with a command. When I raise the sequence master manually, the sequence is started correctly, and the command is executed. When I raise the master via the dmx remote, the cue command does not execute. If I now manually perform a Go+ on the sequence, the command is executed.

    I do not see why there is a difference between me moving the master, or it being moved by the dmx remote.

    Anyone encountered a similar situation?

    Dear Ryan Kanarek and PaulaAbdul ,

    I have also experienced a similar behaviour in my busking showfile. It appears as the following:

    I have a few sequences running in the background, containing cues with my position presets. I also have macros, which modify one MAtricks pool item("Position MAtrick"), changing its fade and delay timing. "Position MAtrick" is assigned to all cues in all of my position sequences.

    Now, with an empty programmer, I select a group, apply a position preset, and even though MAtricks are empty in the programmer and I do not have any preset timing applied, the lights fade to the new position, with the fadetime that I currently have in "Position MAtrick". If I activate Programmer Time, it overrides this fadetime with whatever timing I have set it to. As soon as I turn it off again, the fixtures return to fading. There is absolutely nothing in the programmer that would prompt this kind of behaviour.

    I have traced the phenomenon to two macros I use. One just toggles "Position Matrick" between a 1, 2, and 5 second "FadeFromX" and "FadeToX" "None". If I use this macro to change the values of "Position MAtrick" the above described phenomenon does NOT happen. Only when I use my other macro, which allows me to set a custom "FadeFromX" value causes this to happen. This macro is very similar to the one in the startshow, but here is the full thing:

    Set MAtricks 1000 "FadeToX" "None"

    Set MAtricks 1000 "FadeFromX" (Position Fadetime?)

    Assign Appearance "Fade INPUT Active" At Macro "Position FadeToX Input"

    Off Macro "Position FadeToX"

    Assign Appearance "Fade OFF" At Macro "Position FadeToX"

    (Please ignore that macro is called "Position FadeToX" while it actually changes the FadeFromX Value)

    Would love to hear your thoughts about what might be causing this.


    Hey Everyone!

    I use RateMasters quite extensively in my showfile, and like using Speed1 to quickly reset the master to 60 BPM.

    Recently I found that dividing the RateMaster by 4 gives a better range on the fader, with the current fadetimes of my cues. However my issue is that Speed1 resets the SpeedScale back to one, and removes the division/multiplication of the master.

    I could see this as intended behaviour, but would love if it worked differently, I'd like to be able to use Speed1 to reset to 60BPM, without losing the speedscale on the master.

    Any workarounds you could suggest? Could this be a bug and not an intended feature?


    Hey everyone,

    I started wondering, whether it would be in any way possible to live update certain attributes of a phaser with an executor knob, or fader.

    I imagine it like this: I would run a phaser on an exec fader, and be able to change for example its width or phase with the encoder above. A bit like the common MA2 effect generator, but attributes now assigned to the new encoders.

    Right now I have two ideas about achieving this:

    1. Try to get the encoder position somehow (assign a dimmer channel and use DMX remotes maybe?) and use that in a clever Lua script.

    2. Create a long sequence with blank cues triggering commands that change and update the desired attribute. Assign that sequence to the encoder, and scroll through the cuestack.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts about this.