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    If I understand correclty what you're suggesting, it would change the function of my special master,


    From the Assign Special Exec window change to the Object Tab on the left and select what you want that master to be from the top tabs.

    That's not what I'm looking for. I still want my selected master to be my selected master, but I ould like to change the sequence in the custom master section as seen bellow.

    Here my I have my sequence 19 "sharpy notes" and I would like to remove / change it for another sequence, while keeping my selected master as the master of this sequence, in order to keep my go+ go- and pause buttons.

    Thanks for helping !


    Somehow I've managed to assign a sequence to my selected master on my custom master section.

    But I can't find a way to remove it from there or to assign another sequence instead.

    I looked at the manual and can't find a way there either.

    Someone could help me ?

    I have downloaded the version and am still hitting a wall.

    Now I'm trying to change the transition of a running effect, to transform the sin wave into a cut. What I did was a macro that says :

    Set preset 1.7;
    step 1 at transition 0; 
    step 2 at transition 0; 
    cook preset 1.11.1 /o

    With 1.11.1 being my recipe. When I'm only running my recipe preset the change works. But when I'm running my stored recipe it doesn't work.

    Is there another way to edit the transition / width of a running sequence ?

    I have a system to live change a sequence.

    I'm using recipes, which when stored to an executor, updates the outcome when the recipe values are changed.

    When I know what kind of changes I want I store all of them in a sequence as multiple blank cues, and I have on my rotating encoder left "load previous" and on my rotating encoder right "load next" with a top or go+ button

    If anyone has a better / simpler way, feel free to share it.

    Is there any macro or plugins to create common presets in a faster way ? Without having to switch the presets pools in universal ?

    Let's say for example I have 3 different fixtures types all colormixing. is there a tool to help me create all my colors faster other than selecting my fixture types 1 by 1 and creating all my colors 1 by 1 ?

    Thank you and have a lovely day.

    Hello Forum,

    I've encountered something I did not expect.

    I'm creating my color changing phaser via recipes, so I can easily edit live their MAtricks.

    What I wanted was to have multiple color effect in one recipe for one group of fixtures.

    What I did was having commands that says "assign preset 4.x at preset x.x.x(where my recipe is located)". But when I store the recipe in a sequence with value 1, and launch my command so it changes to value 2, and check the recipe, the value is indeed changed to 2 but the ouput is a merge between value 1 and value 2.

    I tried storing the recipe without any value in it first and then assign a value to it, but the cue stays empty.

    Thanks to anyone reading !

    Hello Thomas

    Thank you for being so reactive.

    The fix seems to work amazingly.

    If I encounter any future problems, be assured I will let you know.

    I am indeed using a lot of groups, as I have one groupe per fixture and then a global group for all my fixtures. But of course I didn't select all the groups when running the plugin.

    Thanks again for your time.


    I've noticed that when I select a group and highlight it, I can change the positions with align as intended.

    But when ,as an example, set a wing of 2 and hit align, (I have then 2 fixtures hightlighted) the pan and tilt doesn't react to the align at all.

    Am I doing something wrong ?

    Thanks to anyone reading.

    Hello, When it works this colorgrid plugin is amazing, thanks for creating it.

    Now, I have encountered some configurations where it doesn't work.

    It still doesn't seem to work with colorweels and fixtures that have subfixtures. When I unpatch my fixtures and then run the plugin, nothing happens at all. Sometimes it even prevents all my movement executors from starting. They just happen to stop as soon as they're turned on.

    The only "fix" I have found so far is to run the plugin before creating and patching the known crashing fixture (i.e. colorwheels or subfixtures).

    here is the error in the command line

    I'm also attaching my show where my executor won't turn on.

    Maybe you'll want to take a look at it.

    (What I did in this show what run the plugin, which just seemed to be installing forever. Then I unpatched the fixtures and ran the plugin again, which this time didn't do anything. After patching again, most of my executor stopped working.)

    Thanks again for creating this plugin, and the time you spent and will spend working on it.


    I would like to create a macro that changes the phase in a Matrickspool

    My goal would be to have a recipe, and with commands be able to change the phase without having to create a new MAtrickspool and to assign them into my recipe for each phase I want.

    I can't seen to find the correct syntax.

    Thank you to anyone reading and willing to help !