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    I'm having a problem here,

    On some fixture it seems that some attribute are locked, they are not responding to anything. (Dimmer and colors)

    I checked, highlight is off, nothing running in background and I have nothing parked, I doubled checked it, no dark blue icon anywhere on the fixture sheet.

    If I enter a hard dmx value in the dimmer chanel, it works but that's the thing that seems to be working so far.

    Of course If i load another show it works as it's supposed to.

    ANyone got a clue ?

    It's driving me crazy

    Hi all,

    I currently have a group using X Y and Z axis on the grid.

    Whenever I do a dim fx on it and add a value to shuffle X it just doesn't shuffle the x axis at all on the selection grid. Y and Z axis do work correctly.

    Any way I can troubleshoot and fix this ?

    Thanks again,



    Yesterday I updated a gma3 light to the newest software version, and something unheard of happened to me :

    It did update the console, but not the two wings (playbacks and commands). I had to upload both of them separately.

    On every other update it just updated everything at once, not partially (thus making the console useless).

    Did it happend to somebody else ? Is this behaviour expected ?

    Nevermind, I figured I had "phased once" enabled. Which I didn't pay attention to at first because I didn't think my issue was from the phase distribution but more from a selection order settings.

    Here is an example of a random generator I made, I agree adding variances and so on would make it better, but that's not the loopless feature I would expect. It feels just like a scrambled selections to me

    Hello fellow 2.0 enjoyers,

    I was fooling aroung with the new selection grid setup and to my surprise when I stack several fixtures together they merge in one cell instead of stacking on the Z axis.

    I didn't find any settings that could explain this, does someone has a workaround yet ?

    With the new 2.0 software and the random generator, I though it was time to give up on this amazing plugin that I was using on every show of mine.

    But to my surprise I find the random generator way less organic with a smaller loop and also a bit less convenient to use.

    Flicker for life !

    Thanks again Andreas

    Hello all,

    I'm curently building a gobo picker for my busking showfile.

    I have my sequences in a layout, appearances assigned, so far so good.

    But if I want to clone my fixtures, then my gobo appearances aren't matching anymore.

    I'm trying to build a macro to do it automatically, but the gobos in the gobo pool don't seem to follow any logic when a new fixture is added.

    How can I know in advance which gobo slots my new fixture will take so I don't have to manually change every appearance ?

    I hope it's clear enough

    If you have only the command wing without the Viz-Key it's correct, you are controlling with the real parameters, and you have 4096.

    If you have also the Viz-Key , follow the step above.

    If I look into the system info it say 4498 parameters active.

    So I need a vizkey to unlock more "visualizer universe" even tho I already have a piece of hardware ?

    Hello forum,

    I've been encountering an issue while using worlds and MAtricks :

    I have a show where I have multiple stages (assigned to different worlds, like Stage 1 world 2 / stage 2 world 3 and so on)

    And the fixtures from stages 2 and above are cloned from stage 1 fixtures.

    My groups are like this :

    -stage 1 : world 2 group 1 with 4 spots (101 thru 104)

    -stage 2 : world 3 group 1 with 4 spots (1001 thru 1004)

    Which means that in my full world I have 8 spots on group 1 (101 thru 104 + 1001 thru 1004).

    Here comes my problem;

    Whenever I want to create a phaser with my group 1 in world 2 my matricks acts as if I have 8 fixtures in my group when if I selfix my group in world 2 it actually selects 4 fixtures.

    It appears that MAtricks selects fixtures from the world full instead of the current one.

    Is there a way to apply worlds filters to MAtricks ? Or do I have to use different groups where everything is really separated instead of just filtered with worlds ?


    I've noticed that when I toggle off "off on overridden" so I can have a color fx without removing my selected colors via the picker,

    the appearance doesn't change when I want to pick a new color.

    Even worse, I have to click to manually change the appearance, and click again to rechange the color.


    Hello, some feedback :

    With colormixing fixtures the plugin works like a charm.

    However, with color wheels, I ran into a wall : When I have the option to chose between existing presets and create new ones, when i chose existing and enter the range of presets, the dialog box just opens again indefinetely, which forces me to use the creating of presets, which doesn't work with color wheels.

    So I end up changing the recipes, which ends up working but is a bit frustrating.

    Any workaround ?

    Anyway thanks for creating it in the first place !