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    I've noticed that when I toggle off "off on overridden" so I can have a color fx without removing my selected colors via the picker,

    the appearance doesn't change when I want to pick a new color.

    Even worse, I have to click to manually change the appearance, and click again to rechange the color.


    Hello, some feedback :

    With colormixing fixtures the plugin works like a charm.

    However, with color wheels, I ran into a wall : When I have the option to chose between existing presets and create new ones, when i chose existing and enter the range of presets, the dialog box just opens again indefinetely, which forces me to use the creating of presets, which doesn't work with color wheels.

    So I end up changing the recipes, which ends up working but is a bit frustrating.

    Any workaround ?

    Anyway thanks for creating it in the first place !

    Doesn't work as well

    And in another way, if I press "reset" on my matricks, it does reset the fade and delay values in the matricks but not in the programmer. Any work around ?

    I find it weird to be able to easilly enter fade and delay values with matricks but not be able to disable them with a reset

    I tried everything I could think of :

    - edit the preset, reset the matricks and / or remove it and update it

    - selecting the preset, reset the matricks and / or remove it and update it

    - store overwrite or store merge new values with matricks values at 0 or with matricks diable (or reset)

    My matricks is still in my prerset and still active when I call it, it drives me crazy

    Hello, I'm would like to create a macro with condition. And I have no real idea where I could gather some informations.

    I want my macro to, if my condition to be something along = if it has a colorrgb_w attribute do that, if it doesn't do this

    Any ressources I should know ?


    If I understand correclty what you're suggesting, it would change the function of my special master,


    From the Assign Special Exec window change to the Object Tab on the left and select what you want that master to be from the top tabs.

    That's not what I'm looking for. I still want my selected master to be my selected master, but I ould like to change the sequence in the custom master section as seen bellow.

    Here my I have my sequence 19 "sharpy notes" and I would like to remove / change it for another sequence, while keeping my selected master as the master of this sequence, in order to keep my go+ go- and pause buttons.

    Thanks for helping !


    Somehow I've managed to assign a sequence to my selected master on my custom master section.

    But I can't find a way to remove it from there or to assign another sequence instead.

    I looked at the manual and can't find a way there either.

    Someone could help me ?

    I have downloaded the version and am still hitting a wall.

    Now I'm trying to change the transition of a running effect, to transform the sin wave into a cut. What I did was a macro that says :

    Set preset 1.7;
    step 1 at transition 0; 
    step 2 at transition 0; 
    cook preset 1.11.1 /o

    With 1.11.1 being my recipe. When I'm only running my recipe preset the change works. But when I'm running my stored recipe it doesn't work.

    Is there another way to edit the transition / width of a running sequence ?