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    copy. I found that edit while playing around. did what you said. First run said LUA at the beginning and some numbers after. putting up a portion of screen shot.

    Might have to describe to me how. I took your 4 lines and saved an .xml file called time. Put it in the plugins folder. open up plugin pool. right clicked inported time. tried to run it and the command line and sytem info just says "call plugin 2". Is there something else that i am supposed to do? New to MA3 style of plugins versus copy and paste it in like MA 2.

    wow. just trying to play with the plugins in MA3 is night and day compared to 2. I was basically wanting to create small script on stream deck to check if shortcut is on or off before doing the action. pressing F10 for those times when you want to type something is ok but its when you forget to hit it again for the shortcut to work. A small if statement : If KeyboardShortCuts == "0" then KeyboardShortcutsActive = "1" then the corresponding action I want be after "s" for "store" but making stream deck ask that question every time. stupid idea I know but until the day I can afford my own console. Kind of like For when I get done typing a label for something but forget to turn shortcuts back on. Looks like plugins on 3 is going to be like learning the phasers. I was starting to make some progress on 2. But it has been a slow process.

    Ok going to try to explain what I am trying to do. I have created a macro that creates a lot of colors like AutoColor from MA2. Friend told me be better to export and import the presets as I would like so that I can import them into the pool without disturbing someone elses setup. import 10 colors I use down at preset 4.88 where no-one more then likely has placed any. I even went through Marko Kampf video on creating Template phasers. But when you go to import any of these presets one of the problems is it alphabetizes them so you wind up hunting for a while to find what you are after. I would love to be able to export say 20 colors into one xml name it in a way that I know its the latest. Then on an import I would look for the file lets just say the most recent date is the name of the xml. Then it sucks in the 20 colors I want to the preset number starting I designate. Same with phasers and the like. Not this one at a time find it import this one to this spot and that one to that spot. I had to put a ` in front of the names of each color i wanted so i could filter the list with _ and it would sort those ones out to pick them but was looking for something more organized. Sure can create a show file to take always, but what if you go in on someone elses rig and you happen to like your version of a set of phasers you created. If you can get what I am after. I have stepped in that pile before with MA2 and macros and not keeping a nice master set then search through different exported ones to find the one i was after and try to keep the master macro backup updated with ones that I will use often. I hope I was able to explain in a good way. Thanks if you made it through this reading.

    I am curious. Would this be the syntax I would use to listen for 'next' pressed on MA3?

    if signalTable.Group2Click = function(next) then

    do this


    signalTable.Group2Click = function(esc) then

    do that




    been trying to play with

    if gma.canbus.hardkey(110) = 'pressed'

    on MA2 butt haven't really had the time to really dig in to it.

    Wow thats great. This site isn't indexed quite as well in my browser. I just see a area that shows all threads nothing specific like Lua. Book marked.

    Thank you. Going to look for the download now. Will on this site similarly to MA-Share set up a section for LUA do you think. I am a member in a facebook but I think it would be best to have a main place to come for questions and answers. I probably should ask these questions in a new post.

    That is a good call. I will do that. Here is a crazy question. What is the base operating system of MA now I know it used to be windows.

    I thought of that also. But is a lot for me to do when I am just doing the basics of learning at home not really taking it anywhere. But I hope the new release comes soon because this last update was huge and ate up memory so I deleted rollbacks. And now when I create windows in my views the views are not coming up with position, color etc etc. So cannot rollback and am not in the mood to reinstall windows. But I am planning on getting a MacBook Pro in a few weeks amen to MA for finally making the software to work for mac. Just like windows update to screw things up and we are the Guinea pigs to find out the problems.

    Has anyone had a problem saving to USB. Running I know I have saved before and was trying to export my user prof and I cannot get the external drive no matter where I put the usb. Can boot up MA2 and it see's it. I just updated to win11 latest update last night and wondering if that is the issue. I haven't saved in a few weeks so cannot be for sure. Re-installed and still no luck.