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    I'm doing my best to read through the MA 3 manual but I'm desperate because I need this for Sunday! We added 10 new fixtures. How do I get these new fixtures to be included in our current preset color palate group?


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    Tracking values inside your sequence perhaps? And those values sneaked inside a phaser?
    There are quite some nice tools, to help you identify what does what at this moment.
    I would suggest you do some study work (it's not that hard and will help you a lot)


    Off Loaded [please]

    Now the fixture 101 should go to 0 and you can start investigating from where those values come.
    (Or you could send in your showfile and let us have a look at it, but you won't learn doing so ;)

    THANK YOU! This morning I discovered the issue totally by accident. All the "phaser" issues we were having stopped as soon as I activated the button on the lower left side of screen 1 to SINGLE STEP.

    Brand new to MA 3 lighting as a whole...

    We recently updated to the latest software version for our onPC. Now whenever we update cues it seems when we store the NEW updated cue, the old cue values are still active in the cue. Example: Old cue dimmer value for fixture 101 was 30% and the new cue dimmer value for the same fixture is not 85%. Regardless of the way we store the updated cue info (overwrite or merge) after we triple clear, the cue immediately begins dimming from 30% to 85% then repeats itself. The phaser indicates a dimmer phaser is active.

    We currently have just ONE SEQUENCE and about 11-14 cues in that sequence.

    As mentioned before we are brand new to MA Lighting so laymen's terms in how to correct this problem are GREATLY appreciated! ;)