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    Hi Guys,

    i am trying to sync a few speedmasters perfectly. Thing is, in the beginning of the show i keep them the same, and make variations later, but want to reset them so they look like 1 speedmaster (blinking the green lights at the same time) since i am making variation, i cannot just only use 1 speedmaster.

    i tried with pause on and pause of all, but they don't sync perfectly, rate1 doesn't do the tricks either. At bpm 0 at bpm 60 still doesn;t seem to sync them perfectly. learn master 3.1 thru doesn't sync them perfectly either.

    is there another way to go about this?


    thanks for trying.

    i made some crap and typo's during the creating of lua plugins, and i prefer to keep the show as clean as possible to remove points of failure. That is why i am looking to cleanup. I was hopeing the deleteuservar * would work, but it doesn't and removing them individually will take me a good day by now.

    Hi Guys,

    during my programming adventures i stored a lot of now useless variables in my showfile. i am trying to clean them up, but some won't go, and trying deleteu * don't delete all of them. I read in another post that hidden spaces might be an issue, but that lua snipped from Andreas didn't help. Is there a method or new feature in 2.0 to clean up all the unused variables? i like to keep my showfile as lean and clean as possible.


    have a great day.

    works like a charm,

    last question, when I want to change the master fader on the executor into a tempfader, the whole system breaks, since the master is always 100% then on the sequence itself. Changing token="FaderMaster" into token="FaderTemp" always seem to result in the fader moving, but bumping back up to 100% and not to the previous executor temp fader position. How would we go about this one?

    thanks for your great support, i and i think the rest of the forum really appreciate this.

    thanks Adreas for your quick answer, it worked fantastic,

    how do i now set the executor fader level back after a value change in the Lua way instead of using:

    Cmd("FaderMaster 205 at 50 fade 2")

    can this also be done via the sequence?

    thanks a lot.

    Hi Hivemind,

    i have a sequence 5 called "Sunstrip All" which is also assigned to an executor. i want to read the value of the executor with


    local my219 = GetExecutor(219):GetFader{token=FaderMaster}

    if "Sunstrip All" is not on the current page on executor 219 but is somewhere, how do i find what somewhere at that point in time is, and replace 219 with the location (for instance page 3 exec 231). I saw the GetDependencies that is introduced in 1.9 but can't seem to get it to work.

    thanks all :)

    thanks for your quick response Andreas. I have a lot of Uservars in the desk. Loads of them are not relevant for what i am trying to make now. So i thought i capture the whole bunch (as in getvar *) and use string.match, to sort out the ones i need for this purpose. They all start with Beat_Seq_xxxx, so i can make the list shorter, and then use those for some LUA magic.

    the ultimate goal is:


    Color_gr1 = on / off

    Gobo_gr1 = on / off

    Dimmer_gr1 = on / off

    for i = 1, #mytable do

    if color_gr1 = on then action x end

    if gobo_gr1 = off then action y end



    the "color_gr1 = x or y" i would like to replace with a cell from the table. as in

    for i = 1, #mytable do

    if mytable[i].var = mytable[i].value then action x end


    i thought if i make a table with all the variable names and values, i can iterate through the table, and can loop the code. If i later decide to add a Focus_gr1 = on/off i don't have to edit the LUA anymore. Does that make sense to you?

    apart from not grasping the k,v in pairs fully after some youtube tutorials and website, i can only read the V of the uservariables, but need to combine them with the correct Key for the right result. (as in uservar(),key,value)

    This was a lot of non programmer speak, but i hope i got my point across a bit. thanks for your patience.

    Hi All,

    with setvar(uservars(),name,value) i see 3 arguments in the code.

    wiht getvar(uservars(),name) i am only seeing 2. and the result is only the value, not the key since in this example, the key is known.

    i would like to create a mytable in lua, where the key of the table is the variable name, and the value of the table is the variable value of all the current uservariables (so a lot of unknown names) in the desk. Later i will filter them to grab the ones i need for the rest of the scripting..

    Andreas had a nice example with setvar, "question 42" in another post, but not as a getvar version.

    thanks a lot for your help.

    Hi Guys,

    i would like to make a phaser that adds 1 or 2 gobo's to the current one. I feel this should be done in the relative layer, but on all fixtures the spacing between gobo's is different.

    a bmfl with 6 gobo's does not have the same value distance as a sharpy with about 14. In the absolute layer i would like to set a gobo for the look, and then go +1 gobo or -1 in the relative layer, to create some bumps.

    how would you go about that? i can't find anything in the release notes etc.


    Hi Guys,

    I never used the API plugin examples up until now. Could someone give me an example how to convert this piece of code into something that would work? I am looking for an example where to fill in what value, so I can reason how to use all the other pieces of code as well.

    SetProgPhaserValue(number:uichannelindex, number:step, {[function:<val>] [absolute:<val>][absolute_value:<val>][relative:<val>] [accel:<val>][accel_type:<Enums.SplineType>][decel:<val>][decel_type:<Enums.SplineType>] [trans:<val>][width:<val>] [integrated:<light_userdata: handle>]})

    thanks a lot :)