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    Is there any easy way to use the fixture offset? To open the patch, set the value, close and check is killing me… I would use with Edit - Fixture method or get a preview button in the patch! Please, any idea?

    Thanks for the infos!

    I know how a sw dev process going, one part of my company doing it. I’m also a beta tester of wysiwyg team for ~10years.

    I understand every point what was written by Ryan. But the communication of the plans and the visions is poor to me.

    For example I could be very happy with some new beta feature testing videos, printscreens and UI concepts in the forum. Beta user feedback sprints which is focused only one new feature and so on.

    Me and a lot of other user invested time and money in a new way, a new platform what is one of the most expensive on the market and I still dont know when can I reach at least those basic functions as on a Chamsys or an Avo. And in this case I have to wondering about to change platform and say goodbye for MA3 at least for a few years. This is a hard decision and Im triing to get infos to avoid this.

    Now, I know its just a comment on a soulless online platform 🤦, but maybe you can answer these questions:

    - When will be the “bitmap” feature implemented thru ndi and/or with internal contents? Can I count on it on the next tour, what starts in April?

    - will be there any random value feature? Not shuffle the order, get random level between hi and low boarders. I would use this for candle flickering and similar effects.

    - what about the shaper attribute graphical editing? Now its sucks to use on stage with remote

    - one click set the phaser play direction (back and force) and play count (looped or exact no.) could be useful

    - very basic feature and in the 1.0 there was Redo… when we get back?

    - sometimes the console crashing when I close the remote session thru iPad, why?

    - display scale possibilty on remote touch screen could be useful

    - sometimes its crashing during import/export presets, why?

    - phaser sync problem will be fixed?

    - desk lock appearance mod. not only the color, please!

    - clock functions very needed

    - dmx input record into the timeline could be good

    - some GDTF files not working, cos’ the attribute names are incorrect and need to fix manually. I thought it is some kind of ‘industry standard’ so Im a bit disappointed. What about the future of GDTF?

    When we get the next release, just around?

    Any upcoming release notes?

    Can I join any beta test program?

    Which is the the top5 most requested feature by the users, globally?


    ‘Cos I could not find any info about the next updates, features or request, I would like to ask.

    Is there any upcoming or requested feature list, maybe beta release or sg?

    Where can I find more infos about that, what other users tested, reported? I know that way to ask the distributors what is not so effective and its very oldschool. Is there any chance to get an official online platform (like Avo or Unreal) in the future?

    Any open or closed beta test program where I can join?

    Thank you and

    Merry Christmas