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    Direkt an dot2 kannst du kein GamePad anschließen. Ich habe mit so einer Installation mal herumgespielt und ein Gamepad an einem Rechner angeschlossen und mit einem Mapping Programm (Chataigne) die XY-Werte des Pads auf zwei Midi-Noten gemappt.

    Dann habe ich für die Pan-Bewegung ein Executor angelgt und für die Tilt-Bewegung einen zweiten und die jeweiligen Temp-Fader über Midi verändert.

    Mein Gefühl ist, dass es schwierig wird einen vernüftigen Verfolger-Workflow so zu realisieren. Ich denke es wäre einfacher auf einem Notebook in dot2 3D die Heads zu positionieren und mit der Maus die die Follow-Funktion zu nutzen.

    As I understood the introductory videos, the new store option is made for just that. It stores the current DMX values, no matter where they come from. If you configure sACN as remote input and have the input in a local universe, then these values should be stored

    If the Thomann USB->Midi box works, this should work. How Krzysztof already mentioned, dot2 only understands midi note messages and your midi controller sends CC messages for the faders. Accordingly, the faders will not work without an additional PC/Raspberry. So you can just use the buttons on the controller. But you won't get midi feedback without much effort. So I would recommend to put temp or swap executors on the buttons rather than toggles

    In my personal setup, I use a MidiCraft Turn. For mapping I use the free tool Chataigne and to avoid reading the OSC documentation all the time I use the grandMA3-Chataigne-module. Chataigne opens my mapping file on startup and is in the autostart. This way you don't have to worry about anything and it just runs :). Another free alternative could be MidiMonster.

    GitHub - benkuper/Chataigne: Artist-friendly Modular Machine for Art and Technology
    Artist-friendly Modular Machine for Art and Technology - GitHub - benkuper/Chataigne: Artist-friendly Modular Machine for Art and Technology

    GitHub - yastefan/grandMA3-Chataigne-Module: A Chataigne module to control grandMA3 via OSC
    A Chataigne module to control grandMA3 via OSC. Contribute to yastefan/grandMA3-Chataigne-Module development by creating an account on GitHub.

    GitHub - cbdevnet/midimonster: Multi-protocol control & translation software (ArtNet, MIDI, OSC, sACN, ...)
    Multi-protocol control & translation software (ArtNet, MIDI, OSC, sACN, ...) - GitHub - cbdevnet/midimonster: Multi-protocol control & translation software…

    New week, new tool :)

    For those who just want to create a Midi->Midi or Midi->OSC mapping I can also recommend MidiMonster. It consumes almost no resources on the PC and is easily done via a text file, which is located in the same folder. The disadvantage compared to Chataigne is that it has no automatic reconnect for the Midi connection and simply terminates when a Midi device is pulled out


    Hello everyone,

    maybe a little strange that my first post is not a problem, but I want to introduce you to tools. If it doesn't fit here, let me know, but I think it's ok since the tools are open source (GPL-3.0). Last year I was allowed to do the tech for a very technical play (classical musicians, Reaper, TouchDesigner, Kinect and of course GrandMA3).

    After a while I came across the program Chataigne, which was the perfect glue for me. Since then I use Chataigne to get Midi, OSC or other triggers into GrandMA3 and build my timecode sequences in Chataigne.

    The other tool is a small step sequencer, which I use to control the lights in a club to electronic music. At some point it was too monotonous for me to push faders to not so much changing music and for me this is the possibility to go a bit deeper into the music. My working title for the tool is SLPS. Feel free to let me know if you have feature requests :)