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    Hello everyone, im looking to buy some midi controller for my setup.
    So Im using dot2 node + onPC, and im looking to buy midi controll.ier to get some buttons for me. Looking for some advices, and or somthing like this is going to work with my current setup? LINK

    hello everyone.

    So I use dot2 node4 1k+onPC. All this time I was sure it can output 2048 ch, as it has 4 ports, but never rly needed to use more then 2universes. So now I have event in which I might have that numbers, but on product description it says 1024ch.

    Currently Im testing all 4 ports - I connected each universe with some lights, not full universes. and it seems still working very well.

    So the question here is if i reach limit 1024ch what happens. Can i still use node4 as splitter until I reach 1024ch limit on all 4ports combined?

    Hello everyone. Not really problem, just question :)

    So is there way how to store cue so its using position preset value not actual tilt/pan values of fixture.
    So if I change position preset values it is taking new position preset values in cue. Or I need to edit every cue again with this new position?

    Hello everyone, wanted to share fixtures, which I run in club and some other places, there could be some small mistakes(in texts), but fixture still works. Let me know if there is something wrong and fixture doesn`t work.
    Tested few modes and few lights, not all of them.

    Contest Minibar;5x12sixb;5xqcb;18qx12six;pix18. Not all Mods.
    KamLighting Led800s MKII 3/6 ch mode
    Stairville LED bar 252 DMX

    If there is something wrong, let me know, will try to fix them ASAP, was made in hurry.

    I guess it would be easy to make fixture with 1 dimmer channel, where is all mode alaviable which fixture supports, and then add just bunch regular RGB fixtures, to make all effects work and so on. Makes harder to patch but should be okey. thanks.


    I was making fixture for stairville led bar 252, did that in hurry, as I needed it badly.
    It has 11 channels, where first is mode(dimmer), second shutter, and then next channels are just colors, but it has 3 segments - red1,green1,blue1,red2.... and so on.
    In dot2, red2 is showing as amber, is there chance to fix this so it would be red not amber, and for other colors as well.

    Thanks in advance.

    Last time I was on battery power, but I didnt pluged it in electricty. And magicaly it started to work :)

    heart on 3d goes green when i connect, it works for like 3-4 seconds and then both applications are basicly unusable until somehow i close on of them, basicly disconnects.

    Hello, sorry for long answer, but didn`t had time to actually test all those features as I didn`t need 3d for a while.

    But I must say, problem is still on. Turned firewall, defender off same problem, running both apps as administration.
    Made new show file, same problem. at 5th time it connected to 3d and everything went smooth.

    having no problem to connect node to onPc, when switching back.

    Windows defender and firewall are on, but for Firewall added in exceptions.

    I have not used node for now and Just now started on Pc and 3d everything connect just perfectly with first time(windows defender and firewall untouched)

    Maybe I`m doing something wrong? After using my node. Because using just 3d for days in row and with no problems.

    Hello there.
    Using onPC,3d(on same PC) and node.I`m having trouble with switching between node which I use in event and dot2 3d when I`m at office.

    So generally, In event I`m using dot2 node(using ethernet connection), if I need something to change or whatever(event is already ended and NO node connected) Im switching on Pc to virtual internet driver(both on PC and 3d ar set to same). When I click add 3d(in setup window) it adds it, connect to it, but then it crushes(no message or anything happens) on PC just stop working, I cant do anything, only close 3d, then on Pc working again. Usually I need to do this like 3 times till everything is ok(doing same thing all over again).

    I`m very sorry about bad english, but I hope someone will get it.
    Long story short, I need atleast 3 times to start both programmas, doing same thing. With node there is no problem.

    Edited: The heart in 3d, goes from red to green, and then back to red(like disconecting)