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    Hi Guys

    In MA2 i would have a couple of macro's that would put fade/delay times for a specific presettype in the programmer. "Presettype 4 at fade 2" for example

    Whats the correct syntax for this in MA3 since presettype is no longer a syntaxobject. I tried Featuregroup or Attribute but this does not do the trick.

    If i try Featuregroup "Color" at fade 2 it will only put the values into the first encoder and not all 3 of them

    Also..... In MA2 we could put a cmd in a midi remote. If a midinote was received it would do what is in the cmd section. Now i can only find Target/Fader/Key but not a CMD column in wich you could type a command. Is this not implemented yet or not coming at all? I can choose the sequence it has to trigger but not for example cue number 3 of that sequence