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    U have to configure your target space from patch for The MArker. The default target is huge. This Allowes offset for targets and target Areas for aligment and other purposes

    Give market a market id. And then on the encoderbar "position" winthin XYZ pages is section for marker. From there select marker your fixture Will follow. Sorry for sloppy english writing in s hurry

    Andreas thank u, i'll try that tomorrow at work! and I am on the newest software version and i when i have a relative circle running, and i modify the absolute layer on tilt, it always activates the relative layer aswell(while being in the cue where the relative circle is running) :(

    Okay thats bit weird because thats not happening to me. I can have a circle running in a cue and then take those fixtures and give them new pan tilt values and store a new preset without relative values.

    This can be done in many ways.

    U can select fixtures and desired attribute give it a value and then say store cue x /remove

    Or you can use track sheet and open select values there and open the pop up window with to fingers tap or mouse right click. and remove from there.

    Kind of the same issue on this other thread. Hope this Will Be helpfull.

    And now with 1.7 you can do this straight on position presets with MA tricks. This way U can ADD also wings blocks etc. To your delay timings. Allso recepies are a great way to do this on cues

    Only thing I came up was something like this but it did not work as good i hoped.

    Line1: Ifoutput

    Line2: Toggle selection

    Line3: Toggle selection

    Line4: S seq (Seq) /M

    Line5: ClearAll

    This just stores all output into one sequence.

    I dont understand the question. Store what were? If your programmer is empty what can you save? And if U want to save the current running cues somewhere all at once in don't understand how that can be achieved. Maybe someone smarter can help you here.

    Same here and decidet not to update our console to 1.7 yet. I can wait for bug fix and continue to experiment on 1.7 on onpc.

    Edit: And I have reported this bugs to my dealer.

    I think it is ment to work like that. If U dont want The Fade or delay Times to Be knocked on to The programmer U have to keep prog.time on. They explained it on some video. Ahh yes its on The e learning 1.7 specials.

    I just wrote a short Macro for storing and Labeling new cue. There is probably a smarter way of doing this but here is my two cents.

    Line 1: SetUserVar Cue (Cue Number)

    Line 2: Store $Cue /Merge

    Line 3: Label Cue $Cue

    Seems to work.

    Edit: My bad did not read enough and this not exaclty what you were looking for.