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    I am not sure but cooking is not a problem and easy to achieve by a simple macro.

    I havent really needet no cook anything atleast not when assigning new groups or modifying MA tricks.

    Someone how knows recepies better than me can comment more on this.

    No problem. I thinks so too that recepies will be important in MA3. I am working on a template busking show but its still quite far from being complete. But maun idea is that much as possible is done on sequences and recepies. That makes IT quite easy to transfer to a new show just Make a new patch update few groups and update presets that you need for that show.

    You cab use recepies for this. Just Make two groups with all your movers that you want to sum circle. Half and half for The groups.

    Then make recepie with two lines.

    1. Line group left preset circle phase 360 wings 2

    2. Line group right preset circle Inv. Phase 360 wings2

    Now you can just update those two groups and it should work with all The other groups that include those fixtures that are on The recepies.

    Nyt I still agree that I would like this to Be easier to handle on a busking template show.

    You have to have an MAnet session online for The software to send out other protocalls. It doesnt have to output to any real output If you are not Sending MAnet anywhere. Ota you can just usecthe same adapteri for MAnet on this case I think.

    I'm not sure what is the problem here, but if I say FaderM seq x at 0 it will go to 0. Running onpc 17.2.2

    Edit: Now it think I undestood finally and I have no idea if that is possible sorry.

    I would report this to your dealer and they will report it to MA.

    This seems to happen only if you put a phaser in a cue that has only tracting values in it.

    It does not happen if you put the effect in cue 1 where it will have absolute values. Then it will track nicely thru the cues.

    Edit: Update to this.

    So it seems that tracking phasers are bit borken atm. when fading them in they indeed seem to go first to wrong position and then fade to the right one.

    Are you sure that you just did not deactivate the speedmaster 16? Just asking because this happened to me just now. Deleted a bunch of sequs and cues that were referencing speedmaster 1. And after a while I tried to tap tempo on SM1 and it did not work anymore. I did not toggle it off my self. Had to toggle it back on, and now its working fine.

    If that is not the case then its a different issue.

    I wonder if this has something to do with the new Session data merge option. Have you reported to your dealer so that they can report it to MA directly. Thanks for the heads up.

    Yes I see but try that with Dimmer chase.

    You could do this by changing your chase speed to 60 bpm and then use div2 in speedmaster seq settings and then just say FaderM (executor where the speedmaster is) at 50 fade 20

    example: FaderM 201 at 50 fade 20

    if the fader is at page 1

    EDIT: Seems that you cannot fade the speedmaster with time. So this does not work.

    Also FaderSpeed does not fade

    I just tried storing the same values in 2 consecutive cues, 1 with 0bpm and the next with 30bpm and the light just faded up to speed slowly.

    In v1.7.2

    Yep this still does not work. The speed does not fade at all. it will fade the dimmers with time but not the speed. This is why you have to do speed variations between cues with Speedmasters.