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    Umm. Why would you want to change both steps at the same time? If you need to change the relations between "on step" and "off step" you cannot change them at the same time.

    well I would just edit the second step of those universal preset. And its only a big issue with these kind of Chase fx. And fyi the same problem occurs when you apply wings etc via matricks, again you have to change the second step width. Example with 12 fixture and wings of 2 second step would be 500%

    umm okay. U

    You have to give it a phase range. Use matricks overlay or the phase tab in your encoder bar. For that kind of fx 0 though 360 is what you want.

    Edit: okay did not watch it to the end on phone the first time.

    Just klik on the chase fx and then give the phase 0-360 and after that edit the width of the step that has intensity stored in it until you have the desired fx. its propably in the 10% range. Or the other way around. Keep the step has intensities at 100% and make the step 2 about 1100%

    And give the phaser a measure value if it does not allready have it.

    Or cue/cue parts with recepies and ma tricks. I think event-lightning has youtube videos on this topic

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    To get you started.

    Try do all the delay times in matricks. Atleast for me that works for all directions. And also you can combine them with y-axis if you have a grid that has fixtures on the y-axis.

    And further more I would use recepie lines with matricks to make this quicker.

    Third point. You could also use cue part with 'allow dublicates' enabled in the Cue to achieve color bumps in one Cue. Just make sure 'allow dublicates' is enabled when storing the Cue parts.

    Hello again.

    I had to try this for my self and it seems this is only happening only in the demo show. At least that is the case for me.

    Can you try to make a new show and patch some stuff in there and try the 3d then? Or use the start show to make a quick show for your self. It does not happen on a machine that runs on nvidia. Only on steam deck that runs on AMD.

    Yes that is mire than enough juice. Could be the drivers. They have had problems with amd drivers. Try to update or downgrade the drivers if that helps. i had similar problems with steam deck that also has amd inside. I tought it had something to do with the integrated graphics that the steam deck has, but could be that it is a wider driver issue.

    The step width has to be correct to light up only one fixture. And this still requires a bith on math or trial and error and cannot be universal for all fixture amounts. If I remember correclty you can think it bit like this: Eight fixtures: Step 1 Full width 100% Step 2 At 0 Width 700% That way u should have one fixture on at any time. Transition at 0 and Phase 0-360, measure at 1