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    Maybe not copy paste answers from a chatgpt bot.

    Yep this seems wrong. I will report this also and investigate more to get more data. Or have I too misunderstood something?

    Edit: Okay now I see the problem. The behavior will occur if you change the tracking value if the fixture. Like in your example break will work correctly if you change the green value "0" and not the tracking value of "55". It will also work correctly if you change the value after the green zero. I really hope that they have a fix for this in the next update.

    Just making sure that you are running the software with administrators rights.

    It should remember the window settings. They do get wonky if the connected display ammounts and configs change between sessions.

    Hello. The same surprising experience. It seems it has no logic. While programming and editing a theatre show I use break function to block dimmer value so it does not track into blackouts for example. It seems, that some fixtures reappear on random after this break. Terrible.

    Fresh experience. Just finished a premiere theatre show and this is what happened. As I stated above, I use Break with Dimmer filter to prevent messing up critical cues, i.e. blackouts or dark scenes, and that is exactly what happened. Out of nowhere emerged some dimmer values in a few fixtures in a cue after a Break. I have kind of proof (show save before the show and after) if anyone was interested. Damn

    If you have the showfiles thts show this behavior I strongly suggest that you send those file to your local distributor that they can get in touch of ma support directly.