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    Only thing I came up was something like this but it did not work as good i hoped.

    Line1: Ifoutput

    Line2: Toggle selection

    Line3: Toggle selection

    Line4: S seq (Seq) /M

    Line5: ClearAll

    This just stores all output into one sequence.

    I dont understand the question. Store what were? If your programmer is empty what can you save? And if U want to save the current running cues somewhere all at once in don't understand how that can be achieved. Maybe someone smarter can help you here.

    I just wrote a short Macro for storing and Labeling new cue. There is probably a smarter way of doing this but here is my two cents.

    Line 1: SetUserVar Cue (Cue Number)

    Line 2: Store $Cue /Merge

    Line 3: Label Cue $Cue

    Seems to work.

    Edit: My bad did not read enough and this not exaclty what you were looking for.


    So I have noticed a new issue with relative phasers when tarcking is used.

    I will attach a showfile to this thread where the issue can be reprodused. Show file is Demo show and has only on sequence created by me( sequence 2)

    So when using GO from cue 2 to cue 3 the position of fixtures will get tracked to a totally wrong positions. It does not happen if you will use GOTO cue 3 or >>> commands with these you will get the right positions. The effect has been recordet only to cue 2.

    I have allready reached out to my supplier and this issue will be forwardet to the manufactuer.

    I haven't updated our consoles so this is not a urgent matter for me personally, but for people who have allready updated might be an issue.

    If somebody can figure out why this is happening it would be grand, but if not then atleast its out there know.

    Sorry for my poor english don't use it enough.

    Well the same behavior happens in 1.7 also. Only usefull solution I came up quickly was that I set the button to load and select the Cue I want from there and then raise the temp fadet. And set re-start mode to current. Auto start and auto stop are off.

    So stomping it in cue five does not work? Select fixtures stomp please and then store. It should work like that but on tracking shows there is something strange going on with phasers that I dont understand.

    Hopefully someone wiser can help You here more.

    Offtopic: For me personaly i feel its a big advantage to not have learned ma2 and Leap straith to ma3. Now I am not hang up on things that are "better" on ma2 or still missing from ma3

    And also coming from etc cobalt that I also learned on The past 3 years its been a pleasure to learn ma3. To me it is very intuitive and straight forward. For The most Part at least.

    Also I like using this Forum for added help but still I report odd behaviors to local dealer and get feedback from MA support. That way I usually can get confirmation If things are working as intented.

    Well thats The issue I want Them to MIB. They won't start at all If relative attributes are used.

    And i have had some issues whit stomping and other phaser related things when doing a tracking theather show.

    1.7 Will hopefully solve some of this issues.

    And I am sure some of Them are just errors on My end not knowing The software well enough.

    If The vielä phaser has relative attributes IT won't MiB. U can put mib mode from running to paused that should Start The phaser on right cue, or use absolute attributes for The phaser.

    At The moment MIB does not support relative values.