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    Like Felipe say....its Fadermaster, Fadertemp,... please check this in the manual. The reason is quiet simple. In MA2 it was Executorbased, MA3 works Sequencebased. So you can address even a sequence, but only if assigned to a fader, you can fade this sequence. This is f.e. the reason why you can't fade a Groupmaster onto a fader.

    You can fade Sequences whenever. They don't have to be on an executor. If that's what you ment saying "But only if assigned to a fader, you can fade this secuence". And as far as I know, not being able to fade GroupMasters is a bug. Maybe you have some other information?

    If you're keyboard-oriented, it's faster to alt-tab. (And it's worse on Mac with no touch screens.) You also don't need the view strip taking up space.

    This is why I asked. It makes dense now.

    To the graphics issue. I also noticed thst gpu usage is quite bsd is using 4k resolution and multiple monitors. Makes sense of course but it capped my gpu quite quickly and thus i have dropped my resolution to 1080p. Also this way I can use the same views on the consoles. Don't have to use scaling. Laptop gpu is rtx3070.

    You can define when your fixtures perform flips or set no to not flip at all. Try those and see what happens. And furthermore try to be mindfull from what position fixtures moves to the next one. Does it have go from positove to negative values etc.

    Maybe not copy paste answers from a chatgpt bot.