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    Hi, here's another question:

    Gma3 I have a sequence with multiple cues having different (relative) p/t phasers on them. I'd like the fader control the size of the effect, so I assigned it as a temp. 'Auto start' and 'stop' are off. I go through different cues (tiltmoves, circle etc..) with GO. Everytime after GO, raising the (temp)fader acts as GO for the next cue (but only after pressing the actual GO first. Also turning off the temp fader launches the off-cue (despite 'auto stop' being off). How can I prevent the temp fader from auto starting and stopping?

    And if there's a better or more useful way to achieve what I'm trying here, what would it be?

    It’s always done this exact thing to me. My current workaround was to add an APC40 and throw individual phasers on individual faders. I got tired of guessing which phaser was going to run because of how it does this for me as well and it was a messy transition because of it. I feel like I tried every setting possible with no luck. I have not revisited this on 1.7 yet

    I use to change colors in the programmer, when doing shows on the fly. In onPC2, I just set program-time, and the colors fade nicely from one to another.

    As far as I can read in the manual for grandMA3, this should also apply for MA3 software. However, when setting programtime to zero, it just switch between colors, and as soon as I add program-time, the color just stays the same. Aka. nothing happens until I set the time to zero again. Am I missing something?

    I know I’m a bit late to this party, but was it because your master rate was at 0? Might help a future forum search for the same question.

    Being on a Light or Full is obviously much better to most (unless you tend to do or prefer more custom MIDI setups), but I use a command wing, apc40 and a single screen for about 50% of the shows/tours I have to do, so if you need a quick rundown on how or different ways to set this up I would be more than happy to help, but I dont have any problems using MIDI and an onPC setup and as more features get programmed it will just open up more options and ways to use MIDI. My single screen just has a busking layout how I like it and when I need to switch to something else it's just the pushing of a different view with different options on the fly just as in MA2. Sounds like maybe you just need to dial in your main layout/view a little more? During show I rarely need to switch views it seems, but programming is obviously different. Below is how I have mine set up, and the iPad is just the web remote saved to the main page I have all those Execs saved to. Not needed, but I also switch that view from time to time (clock, programming view, etc) and I just link the command lines together to make it easier when doing certain things preshow.

    This is a bit older photo and busking screen/colors, etc have changed, but you get the idea. We were just talking about this last night. A fellow LD found an old photo of him back in the early MA2 days and said he was still running it in mode 1. I think people have forgot that this was even the process when ma2 was released. Covid definitely didn't help feedback for the most part as we just weren't using it as much. For most of us our focus was elsewhere as we just didn't know what was going to become of it and digging deep into the new software just wasn't on my mind. I think that had some to do with maybe a bit slower start, but you also have to remember they are creating it from scratch. It's not being ported over. With everything back in motion I feel it's only going to advance more as now the feedback is starting to come in from all of us using it in so many different ways in action. I use 3 almost daily with no problems. Anyways, just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents.