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    Same here, since last week i get a "[swscaler @ 000002b976677240] Warning: data is not aligned! This can lead to a speed loss" together with slow, unstable and crashing software. Tried everything except a complete reinstall of windows but so far nothing has fixed it.

    Didn't think about that, that's a neat solution.

    Thanks Andreas!

    But one thing that does not solve..

    I would like to be able to bump a groupmaster and then fade back to regular value, don't think that is possible with flash function.

    Though at the moment this might be non question as using the command...

    FaderMaster Page 2.206 At 20 Fade 1

    ...Does not fade if there is a group assigned to the executor.

    I hope this getting fixed in a future version.

    But when it is fixed, i would like to be able to set a fade time..

    So I want to use groupmasters but still have the ability to override them with certain temp cue.

    The idea is ;

    With temp cue On command, Write FaderMaster to UserVar $Stefan and Set FaderMaster to 100%

    With temp cue Off command, Set Fadermaster to $Stefan

    I used GetExecutor to write the value of FaderMaster and write it to a UserVar and set master to full like this;

    Lua "SetVar(UserVars(), 'Stefan', (GetExecutor(206):GetFader({}))) Cmd('FaderMaster Page 2.206 At 100')

    But how can I get "GetExecutor(206)" to instead listen to page 2.206?

    And for the Off cue;

    FaderMaster Page 2.206 At $Stefan Fade 1

    I wish the Fade keyword worked for groupmasters.

    i have previously enquired about using the offcue. From what I was told it's not possible to use offcue for recepies or individual timings. If this is correct, macros and commands might be unusable as well.


    The manual says:

    "The Off cue has timing information that is used then the sequence is turned Off."

    So I tried to add individual times or a recepie line to the OffCue, but it has no effect on the fade and delay out times when i off the sequence.

    What am I misunderstanding here?

    Best regards

    Is it possible to damp the interaction with a fader?

    I have some sequences on temp faders stomping position phasers for different groups.

    Trying to smoothly stomp the size of the phaser is hard, it would be nice to be able to damp it in some way.

    After a crash my interaction with mouse and touch is scaled wrong.

    Upper left coroner is correct but get worse the closer i click towards the bottom right corner.

    Tried to uninstall, reinstall and loading an older showfile but the problem persists.

    This only affects display 2.

    Using onpc, latest version.