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    Hello GG,
    I don't think that it matters which fixture. In fact it should work without any fixtures patched. What I am talking about is the keyboard shortcuts for switching the encoder attributes Dimmer (Preset button & 1), Position ( preset & 2), Color (preset & 3 which in my case does not work), Beam (Preset & 4), Focus (preset & 5), Control (preset & &). GrandMA2 it was MA button & number 1 thru 5 I believe.
    It's really handy onPC without touch screen.

    Did you verify that the GMa3 process uses the GPU?

    [windows]+[R]+taskmgr+[enter] extend process properties / .

    (darn, with the 22H2 windows update they changed taskmgr ...)

    Anyway, you can change the way processes are bound (or not) to the GPU.

    Thanks for the reply,
    and yes, I have made sure that the gma3 program is using the GPU and not the on board graphics (I also believe that the standard nvidia setting auto select will use the GPU).

    Hello community,

    I am experiencing very high GPU loads on NVIDIA RTX cards (desktop RTX2060, 6gb dedicated graphics memory, 16gb RAM, i5 and Laptop ASUS ROG Flow X13 RTX3050Ti, 4gb dedicated graphics memory, 16gb RAM, Rhyzen 7 6900).
    New shows on both machines with default UI (version and nothing patched, 3D view set to no beam is demanding a 96+% load straight away.
    An older laptop with a small MX150 card is running the same with a load under 50%.

    The demand (and heat + fan noise) is so high that on the gaming laptop (ASUS ROG) it drains the battery while plugged in which is very worrying.
    Is there a setting i am missing??

    Thank you for any thoughts and help.

    I just tried storing the same values in 2 consecutive cues, 1 with 0bpm and the next with 30bpm and the light just faded up to speed slowly.

    In v1.7.2

    That's right, the lights fade up over the specified fade time. The thing I am trying to do is that the lights are already up in cue1 and cue 2 is only fading up the speed of the chase.

    Hello community,

    I am trying to fade up the BPM value of a 2step dimmer chase fx from cue to cue without luck.

    Cue 1 BPM 0 time 0

    Cue 2 BPM 30 time 20

    In MA2 the BPM rate just fades up from 0 to 30 over 20 sec.

    In MA3 it just seems to jump.

    Any hint is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Hello community,

    I have encountered this problem that my Command Section overlay (F3) is not opening any longer.
    I am running V1.7 but had this problem also in earlier versions.

    First I thought it had something to do with connecting my commandwing and a certain showfile I was running, as it only seemed to be a problem with that file.

    Now I have created a new file and all worked fine till I turned on my PC today (no commandwing attached with this file yet).

    command line message is:

    illegal destination list:Menu "commandcontrol"

    Any help is muchly appreciated.

    After failing to unpatch Grouping elements with the method above, I have been trying to unpatch a whole universe which also would achieve a bit of a time saver. I have tried various variations of the below without success. Any hint?
    Patch DMXUniverse 1.1 thru 1.512 ""

    Hello community.

    I wonder if anyone can send me in the right direction creating a Macro to unpatch a set of fixtures.

    I am touring a show around theatres and have to repatch my conventional rig every time (moving lights and led's stay the same).

    Any hints?

    Thank you muchly in advance.

    While we wait here is a solution which might be acceptable for many.

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    It's a touchOSC web remote for mobile devices made by this Swiss guy.

    I have been in contact with MA about the unusability of web remote on a mobile a while back. The issue got acknowledged but nothing much happened.

    It has been well over 3 months since the last software update now. What's happening at MA?? is as buggy and unfinished as it's predecessors and yet it's advertised on the web page like the great solution.