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    I use sequences with ony one cue as masters for like front light. When i move the fader, nothing happens, until I reach 50%.

    Is there a way to "distribute" the cue to the full fader-movement?

    Does anybody know, if MIDI out is implemented for onpc yet?

    I want to trigger cues on my soundboard.

    But it does not look like grandMA3 onpc is sending anything out.

    For testingpurpose, i try to send to midi-ox internally, via loopMidi, but I get nothing. Like nothing is coming from grandMA.

    I use to change colors in the programmer, when doing shows on the fly. In onPC2, I just set program-time, and the colors fade nicely from one to another.

    As far as I can read in the manual for grandMA3, this should also apply for MA3 software. However, when setting programtime to zero, it just switch between colors, and as soon as I add program-time, the color just stays the same. Aka. nothing happens until I set the time to zero again. Am I missing something?

    I have imported a show from grandMA2 onPc to grandMA3 onPC with a CommandWing3 attached.

    Everything seem to work, including color-palettes for my 12 source four Lustre+. However, if I select the fixtures, and attempt to change the color, it is not possible. In the colorpicker, it looks like isn't a fixture with color.

    Any ideas?

    My other fixtures (Robe DL4S and 300 LEDWASH) behaves completely normal.

    I mean, if the palletes work, the software must recognize the fixture as a colorchanging fixture, so why not when trying altering it?