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    When creating presets, for example gobo presets, mostly the gobo "image" is visible in the stored preset.

    I try to get that image as an appearance on some sequences having that gobo, but not sure how to get that done.

    Using LUA I got to a point where I have the wheel values.

    For example, for fixture alpha Spot QWO 800 standard mode, for a specific gobo on the first gobowheel, I could get information as:

    • name: [00590106_png]
    • folder: "Clay Paky"
    • FileName "00590106.png"
    • wheel: GoboWheel1
    • wheelslotindex: 9

    I wonder how I can create an apperance having that gobo image, linked to that preset, so in my next steps I can get that appearance name linked to sequences.

    Probably I first need an image created.. but after some tryouts in getting that image created, I'll just leave the question here :) maybe someone knows how this works?

    Thank you for that idea, it is some solution, but here I need to click the "Run All" macro 3 times to execute everything, when it's set to "Go"

    in my MA2 scripts, I could use conditional expressions like described here:…o_create_condition/en/3.9

    but it's not working when I tested it.

    Also found this info:…dMA3/keyword_endif/en/1.6

    but as how I checked this out, it's not possible to check for variable values? Or maybe I'm doing something wrong in the syntax.. like:

    this will output:

    I guess it it trying to fix this by copying lines from those macro's into one new macro, and execute that in one shot. I try not to edit wait times to 0.2 or 0.5 , because more macro's will be added, and it needs to be executed as fast as possible

    For a test, I have created some macros named "Macro1", "Macro2", "Macro3" who are executed when clicking, but I also have one seperate macro "ExecuteAll" who needs to execute those 3 macro's

    next to this macro, another macro is created to execute both 3 macro's

    When checking command line history, it looks like not all lines are executed of each macro

    This triggered me in 2 questions:

    - thinking of working with uservar parameters in a last line of each macro to trigger the next macro when that uservar parameter has a specific value, is that possible?.. so like in macro "Macro1" will the last line be a command to trigger macro "Macro2", but it will only trigger "Macro2" if a specific value is set in some uservars variable.. so macro "Macro1" is still executable as one macro, when that uservar has no value.

    - or is their another way of succesfully executing multiple macro's in serial, without setting any waiting times, and with confidence that all lines in those macro's are executed

    a next question, related to the question above, is how to set the gobo image to the Icon property.

    for example, for gobo's, I see appearance value:


    my returning value using is


    this value is in LUA stored in variable fileName, which I want to set as an image in a button of a popup form like

    Button.Icon = ShowData().MediaPools.Gobos[fileName]

    The button is showing, but the image is not displaying in the button, I wonder how to set those images in a button?

    having a question about the "export" keyword, the manual describes how to rename your exported file.
    In my example, I try to export data as "exportdata", using:

    Export List "exportdata"

    the result is a file called "gobo1"..

    Wondering if I'm doing something wrong?

    I tried this way, because strange enough, in LUA I am able to get NAME, TYPE, ATTRIBUTE, DMXFROM, ... from the list you see in the screenshot, but it's not possible to get the WHEEL information when doing like ".wheel" in LUA .. so just experimenting with exporting that data and reading it back in, which works, but it's a big way around.