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    Hello comrades, i miss the single shot mode of the ma2. Is there a similar function for the ma3 phasers?

    I'm working with recipes now and I'm looking for a way to make the phaser only cast once.

    Thank you very much.

    I don't think so, at least none of the commands I know work this way

    thats the reason why i try to create a makro for that

    Did anyone found a solution to sync the bpm master with other speedmaster?

    I don't want to get into the LUA concept too.

    It looks to confusing.

    Thanks Hannie, but the pattern is the same too, nevermind.

    If I use a larger setup, the same pattern doesn't matter. But when I use a smaller one, the same pattern looks boring.

    In MA 2 I used the random form and that's it. No problem....

    "I believe Paul is referring to the selection order changing within the phaser. Yes shuffle changes the selection although it remains the same for the phaser (not random)."

    Yes indeed.

    I want to create template show with sequence based on recipes. For that I put a dimmer phaser (0%/100%, rectangle form) in the recipe, gave them a phase (0-360 or whatever) and now I want them in a shuffled order. but the pattern is always the same and i want it to change the order/pattern.

    Hello, my dears

    can you tell me how to create a real random pattern with a sequence-recipe? i want to create a random dimmer phaser but when i use xshuffle it is always the same pattern and xshift has no visible effect.

    Thank you

    hi everybody,

    i can't delete some olds profiles.

    i am logged with another user and profile.

    the old users have been deleted.

    if i try to delete the old profiles there comes the warning "object have references which may affect output" and when i continue ma3 chrashs.

    thats why i deleted all old shows inc. backup but the "problem" still exist.

    anybody know this problem and how to solve it?


    I work with a different setup each time and wanted to keep it as simple as possible.

    It's really annoying that I have to select half the devices every time. that's exactly what I want to avoid. That's too many steps for such a simple task.

    In MA2 I can create this movement and just need to update the group and the two POS-presets.

    Now I also have to select the half, adjust the X mirror, edit the phase and save those "steps"....

    Thank you.

    Is this the only way? So i have to select all the time half of the fixtures?

    I want to create a templet effect ( sorry phaser ) where the selection is ordered by ma tricks ore something else...

    Hy everybody and sorry for this annoying theme.

    I want to create a symmetrical circle movment but every time it goes wrong.

    Here is my way:

    1. lights stored in the correct order in a group

    2. using this group in combination with ma tricks -> X-wing 2, inverted

    3. first step : pos-preset with tilt down values

    4. second step: pos-presets with tilt up values

    5. select all steps

    6. move handle in the phaser editor ( a circle movement is created)

    7. set phase to 0-360 for pan and tilt

    The fixtures moving in a symmetrical circle but only the first half is correct. The second half is wrong -> they have not the correct direction / phase.

    Can anybody explain what iam doing wrong?

    Thank you...