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    yes, if each step is one preset:

    step1: integrate + preset for step 1

    step2: integrate + preset for step 2

    if you use presets for color, position etc. you must integrate them all..

    step1: integrate + preset position + integrate + preset color + integrate + preset xxx

    step2: integrate + preset position + integrate + preset color + integrate + preset xxx

    Hello all,

    is there a kind of documentation on macros?

    like how to use variables, how to create them. are there possibilities to create loops like for-next or if-else or something?

    I am not asking for creating macros and assign them or something...


    So, did some more tests....

    started version 1.2. without checking {Override high DPI scaling behavior} --> width 22, height 10, scale 1

    started version 1.2. WITH checking {Override high DPI scaling behavior} --> width 17, height 7, scale 1

    So in Version 1.2. changing the settings does have results.

    started version 1.3.1 without checking {Override high DPI scaling behavior} --> width 17, height 7, scale 1

    started version 1.3.1 WITH checking {Override high DPI scaling behavior} --> width 17, height 7, scale 1

    So in version 1.3.1 changing the settings does NOT have results (only the text looks a little "sharper")


    thanks for the fast reply. I did some more tests yesterday.

    1. I started the 1.3.1 version. "Configure Display" for "Display 1" shows me Width <17> and Height <7> and Scale 1x

    2. started version 1.2.0: "Configure Display" for "Display 1" shows me Width <22> and Height <10> and Scale 1x

    All with the same show and in the same user-profile. So definately something changed.

    I will try your recommendations this evening and will give feedback tomorrow...

    Strange thing is, that i never touched these settings on the desktop icon ... on none of the versions ..

    Hi all,

    after update to version 1.3... it seems that the screen resolutions changed.

    I created a lot of views which fit into the screen (display 1) without the need to scroll. After the update, everything looks bigger and my arrangements do not fit on the screen anymore. Also the view-bar on the right side is much bigger than before (less views are displayed now).

    the scale of that screen was "1" before and after the update.

    When I change to "0.75", then everything fits into the screen, but the text becomes unreadable...

    is there a way to change the resolution on a different way?

    (On Windows, the resolution was and is 1920x1080 ...

    I run "display 1" on an external Touchscreen Monitor

    Hi all,

    just a short update ... I tried the idea with the extra-sequence again and it works with "relative-only" parameters and Priority "high" instead of "lowest".

    I am too new to the ma-system to say whether this should become best practise for adjusting you fixtures or if an "offset" (maybe in an upcoming version) will be the first choice...

    thanks a lot for your ideas / instructions.

    Hi, I tried to do as suggested, but unfortunately not successful....

    I created 2 presets for some moving lights (1 up, 1 down)

    Then I used the „up preset“ and modified it with the relative position values. I stored this as a third preset (Here is my first problem, it looks like as if it sores both absolute and relative values - don‘t know how to store the relative values only)

    from preset 1 and 2 I created a sequence with trigger type „follow“

    from preset 3 I created another sequence with the settings you suggested above... but this one seems to be completely ignored...

    Yes, ok, but where should I use this? In all of the presets? I am looking for something to adjust my fixtures to a new location where the stage is e.g. smaller, higher etc... so that there is no need to modify all of my presets.....

    I GM there was this offset value available, In GM3 there is a "calibrate position" (in 3d setup-mode), but if i do the calibration procedure with 4 points on my stage and press "solve", then it modifies the positions of my fixtures in the rigg... thats not really what I want...

    Is there a kind of functionality planned in one of the next versions?

    Hello all,

    can I use a GrandMA2onPC 2-Port1k together with the GM3onPC Software? I have installed the latest GM2 Software-Version on it, but I am not able to detect it in the GM3 software ...

    Will there be an upgrade-path for these devices, so that I can use the 1024 licensed parameters from it.?

    Hi all,

    I am quite new to MA3 .. using a onPC with a CommandWing.

    is there a way to calibrate you fixtures like a dmx-offset or something?

    The problem is that the fixtures in real-life are not adjusted to 100% in the rig. Some are facing a little downwards, some a little to the left, etc.. I would like to adjust these fixtures without affecting the 3D or to modify all my Presets...

    I already looked up the online-help and read "Position Fixtures in the 3D space" ... but these methods are all affecting the positions in 3D ...

    help appreciated... :)

    Hallo und vielen Dank schon mal für die vielen Antworten und Tipps ...
    Tipps von "Go-Button": Anderes Universum kann ich nicht nehmen, da ich ja die Gratis-Version testen möchte, und die nur Universum 0 rausgibt. Die Software habe ich installiert. Hier sehe ich die Änderungen sofort. Scheint also eher Richtung Artnet-Knoten zu gehen. Switch habe ich ebenfalls rausgenommen.
    Tipps von "Michael": Firewall und Defender habe ich abgeschaltet, Unnötige Netzwerkverbindungen habe ich auch rausgenommen. Weiterhin habe ich noch Verbindungsreihenfolge so umgestellt, dass das Interface für artnet ganz oben steht. Weiterhin habe ich die Geschwindigkeit, Duplex, Jumbo-Frames, nahezu alle Überprüfungsmechanismen (wie Prüfsummen usw.) abgeschaltet, bzw. verändert. Habe in den Eigenschaften der Netzwerkverbindung auch alles außer "TCP/IP v4" rausgenommen. Dann habe ich zuletzt noch die Subnetzmaske auf ein Class-C geändert, um eventuellen Broadcast-Traffic zu minimieren... alles ohne Erfolg .. Delay bleibt.
    Tipp von "jan_doe": Normales Patchkabel mit 3m Länge (CAT6)... sollte also auch nicht das Problem sein.
    Ich vermute, dass die Artnet-Nodes nur eine alte Version von Artnet verstehen, die Software aber mit Version 2,3 oder höher schnackt....(würde auch erklären, warum die Nodes mit der Pixelmapper SW (Madrix) - welche auch schon etwas älter ist - einwandfrei funktionieren).
    Werde jetzt aber nochmal zur Sicherheit einen Rechner mit Windows 7 und dot2 testen ... und wenn das nicht klappt einen aktuellen Artnet-Node testen (z.B. Enttec).
    ... wenn jedoch noch jemand eine Idee hat ... ich hab gerade keine mehr....