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    This is not the way I imagine it.
    a solution for me will be making a macro,
    but I do not think so.
    STORE; EXECUTOR 999.801.1 (Go), (Merge); CLEAR; CLEAR
    This Macro Clean the Programmer
    but leave the output of the dot2 unchanged

    999 is a page that I do not use
    801 is executor
    1 is cue

    I've tried to put this rule into an executor CMD but I can not manage it.

    It will be even more beautiful to connect this macro to MA CLEAR.

    Regards Theo

    I expect that if I maximize a fader ecexutor.
    These values exceeded an already running ecexutor.
    However, this only works when the ececutor drives equal or more fixers.
    Fewer fixtures do not work.


    Unfortunately, a dot2 can save only 999 executors.
    Is there a cmd to control the number of used or free executors ??


    If I make a button executer with 6 dimmers, this is not taken over by a fader executer with 4 of these dimmers. This is annoying.
    Exec 114 = (go) fixture Dimmer 100%
    Exec 14 = (go) fixture dimmer 100%

    After starting 114, execute 14 has no LTP on dimmer ?(

    is this normal ?


    Is it possible to disable the programmer.
    So that this than LTP can be overwritten by an executor.
    For live work this will be a big improvement for me.
    Eg Blind- Live -Programmer.


    it is possible to perform multiple commands in the cmd.
    such as midinote 1.1 and midinote 1.1 off.
    to give a flash on the midi note.
    or should there be a shoot-off chaser to be programmed?

    I use the dot core 2 for guiding the light
    in addition to the core are two computers that control the lasers (pangolin) LED screens and video (arkaos).
    the PCs are actuated by mouse and keyboard.

    Pangolin and arcaos can also be controlled via MIDI to

    If it is to be operated by one person, this is annoying

    Now I make a (fake) cue whereafter I fill the cmd with the midinote

    i have connected al bij Iconnect Midi And it seems to work.

    However, the programming is very cumbersome and it would be nice that in a preset macro or all those actions taken.

    groeten Theo

    I get my fixtures in 3D is not all good lined
    x00.y00.z00 the center is ok.
    fixture 1 x = -1 .y = 2. z = 2. this fixture is in 3d on coordinate x 2 y4 z4 and wrong
    fixture 2 x =1 y=2 z=2 this fixture is in 3d on coordinate x1 y2 z2 is good

    the most of the 50 fixtures are good

    whats wrong


    I'm going to use my dot 2 to also control the GrandVJ video and pangolin laser software with MIDI.
    This works ....
    However, the programming process is very cumbersome.
    it is not possible to set a MIDINote comand in the (control or all)preset

    Artnet in is not available
    midi cc is not available only midi note
    analoog in does not work as a fader.

    horizontal scrollencoder with unused Encoder

    Import effect from gma2.same as the fixtures

    sound to level effect