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    me, and I don't think I'm the only one.
    I am looking for a backup system for the dot 2 core.
    I also run into the limitation of the 512 dmx channels with an on pc version.
    for an update to a ma 3 I have no plans yet because I have to instruct the users of the dot 2 again.
    a wonderful solution for me would be that the node onpc for the gma 3 also unlock the channels on the dot2 on pc. this way the user-friendly dot 2 remains accessible for beginners and hobbyists and the transition to gma 3 is not that big.

    is there a way or command to go directly to a pool number without scrolling.
    if I want to select a (group macro or preset) nr 100 I have to do this via the dot screen or encoder which often goes wrong.
    a command like (scroll macro 100) or (scroll screen 1 at 100) will be a solution for me. 


    Seen on prolight and sound.

    Pioneer shares DJ player information.

    They use pioneer pro dj link bridge for this.

    shared info are:
    artist's name and number

    protocol used. Art-net and Tc net

    for some of my applications for the dot 2 this will be a good addition to the dot 2.

    Always perfect bpm at live shows

    Always time code at hand

    if name and number info are linked to exec it is completely perfect.

    I already use it for my video with Arkaos and it works nicely here.

    Greetings Theo

    to still use a larger number of faders I use the dmx input of the core.
    it seems like the data on dmx is not refreshed enough.
    now I notice that it is very jerky.
    for old par lighting this is no problem.
    but for LED lighting this is annoying.
    I did not notice this problem in the previous version of the dot.

    i am using midi and midi time code

    switching off has no effect.

    I have used multiple consoles like dmx.

    greeting theo

    I have again exchanged a scancommander ;( for an on pc dot2 :)

    It is a small show where the DJ also serves the light.

    He only needs a few faders and a few buttons.

    Through the presence of the command section, he becomes slightly reluctant to do something with the light.

    Ttherefore the question can I hide the command section in the onpc?

    Because of this I have a clearer service for him with more faders and buttons on the screen.


    Yesterday in anticipation of the new update anyway started with a smpte show.
    It works !
    with the pioneer set / recordbox / Timelord. I have a working smpte on the core.
    1 executor with cue list made for my first smth show.
    This also works! ;)
    2nd executor with cue list made. ???
    Now the misery begins. ?(
    when playing, the dot works all cue lists.

    is there a way to switch a Smpte Executor (cue list) on and off.
    so that I can work with multiple smpte shows ?

    OFF executor dsnot work

    Greeting Theo

    it is possible that I can read the internal fader data via midi or artnet.

    I'm thinking about buying a motorized fader panel.
    the motors then require a midi feedback of the internal fader .

    for the buttons this will be nice too. but not immediately necessary for me.



    I still have some small moving head (import)
    at the front it is a spotlight and at the back it is a wash spot.
    the front and rear can burn independently and I have them working on the core.
    now I would like to have them in 3D as well and I wonder how I give the spot on the back of the wash beam in 3d.