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    Hi everyone! I recently bought an MA3 Command Wing for my home setup, and I want to connect it to a stage layout on Unreal Engine 5, I have both softwares under the same network interface (Loopback), and the same protocol (Art-Net), but whenever both MA3 and UE5 have the same network configuration, the DMX input of UE5 freaks out, and causes all of the patched fixtures to have a party. If anyone can give me some tips or resources on how to connect MA3 to Unreal Engine 5, I would greatly appreciate it!

    CPU - Intel Core i7-11700K

    CPU Cooler - Corsair iCue 150i Elite LCD

    Motherboard - Asus Prime Z590-A Motherboard

    RAM - Corsair Vengance RGB Pro 32 GBs DDR4 Memory 3200MHz

    GPU - MSI Ventrus 2X GeForce RTX 3060

    Storage - Samsung 990 Pro 1 TB M2 SSD
    Power Supply - Corsair RM1000X

    Case - NZXT H9 Flow

    OS - Windows 11 Pro

    Connected to it are two Dell P2418HT Touchscreen Monitors, a 50-inch Samsung AU8000, Razer Deathadder V3 Mouse, and a generic keyboard from Best Buy.

    I'm attempting to run MA3 v1.7.2.2 on a freshly built Windows 11 Pro machine, and I keep getting this in the terminal that refuses to boot up on MA3. I uninstalled and reinstalled the software only to see error pop-ups throughout the installation, and I already did a system refresh of the Windows, but it still brings this up. Any ideas on what might be going on?

    So I'm looking for a way to bring in timecode data from a seperate song sequence onto a master sequence for the show.

    The idea is so that I can timecode a song within that song sequence, export the data on when the times for each cue go, and then import that data to the master sequence if we do that song for the show.

    MA3 has something similar built in via the Import and Export option, but the problem with it is that you are limited to importing data between the timecodes as a whole. In other words, when you import a timecode, you can't specify where in the tracks you want to place your data within the timecode itself.

    Can this be possible via Lua?

    Has anyone had a lot of luck creating timecode plugins on MA3? What properties have you found and are you willing to share some templates?

    I'm looking to see if it's possible to export and import cue data between different sequences and within the same timecode slot and I wonder what it would look like to build a lua plugin from scratch or if someone already made a plugin like that.