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    Does anyone else think it would be nice to see a blind visualizer. Would be really useful to see what l am programming in blind mode, maybe even a separate programmer so you don't loose what is live on stage when you switch to Blind. Great tool for those long boring corporate gigs.

    Thanks for the tips Hoss. Problem seem to be coming from an active cue with phaser running (can't override an effect with programmer in 2 either) .I've found that live I can set to single step and adjust levels ok without phasing. Only way I've found to quickly update or store is to set 2nd step to same as first. stomping to preset doesn't work if you don't have preset already stored.

    We have a problem with V1,6. When some Fixtures (Not All) are selected in the programmer the software auto creates a phaser so instead of say Dimmer at Full we get a Phaser phase 0 100>0. Is this a known issue or can anyone suggest a workaround?:?: