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    With the release of v2.0 I can't help but notice we're a few years into this console and still don't have the ability to back-up to a network based location.

    Is this something that will ever be implemented or was it not used enough in MA2 to justify?

    I run multiple consoles (EOS, Hog, and MA3) in house and MA is the only one I have to transfer files on a flash drive to/from my back up storage. It's a minor annoyance, but doesn't feel like it should be that hard to implement. (loaded statement, I know)



    This is a really small issue but I've been noticing when I hit [menu] my console doesn't always populate the "Display" menu along side the main Menu.

    If I hit [menu] again the main menu will disappear and the "display" window will then populate.

    I'm on a fullsize running 1.8.1

    Anyone else noticing this?


    I'm trying to make an auto gobo macro that populates presets. And I have most of it figured out.

    Group 101

    Attribute "gobo1" at physical 2.00 works as it should to get me to the index mode of the gobo. But I want to target the rotate tab on the gobo.

    I've tried attribute "gobo1" at physical 2:2.00 which is how it's laid out when just selecting them with the encoder. But the board doesn't seem to do anything with the command.

    Anyone have some advice on this one?


    Hey guys,

    I've had a fullsize for a couple months now and I've had it randomly freeze up completely about 4 times. It seems to happen completely random. The most recent time I grabbed 6 fixture and was just swiping over the color picker and the console just locked.

    My only fix is a hard reboot, and this is less than ideal. Unsure if this is a software or hardware issue.

    I am running on the most recent (1.6.5)

    Any suggestions?