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    Ok, did the export but can't find the exported file...???

    I found the patch file, but where does it go in the MA3 directory tree?

    Nevermind, got it!

    The export created a new MA3 showfile in the MA3 shows directory, I was just too busy looking for an export instead of opening my eyes... LoL

    THANK YOU!!!

    Is it possible to apply a default fade time(ex: 3 seconds) to new cues being stored to any executor?

    At the moment, I'm having to store a new cue, then change the fade time separately.

    Neither ArtNet nor sACN require the use of the entire Class A. Both ArtNet and sACN CAN be ran on less than an entire Class A.
    Yes, the ArtNet node doesn't need to be set to Universe 00/Subnet 00, but there is NO requirement to use a full Class A subnet that I am aware of.

    I, personally, will never use to 2.x.y.z Class A subnet as that IP range is actually assigned to routable networks. 10.x.y.z is specifically reserved for local networks.

    IPv4 should work just fine, but I would recommend staying away from generic/no label hardware as you never know what you're getting and support for such hardware may be little to none.

    The Enttec node I got (eDMX1-PRO) only cost about $130 USD and has worked flawlessly, with manufacturer support and several firmware updates since new. At the time the cost was a lot for me, but quickly became one of the best purchases I made.

    dot2 won't show your ArtNet node in the Sessions screen, it just sends out the data for anyone to see, so to speak.

    Even in grandMA2, ArtNet/sACN nodes will not show up in the network protocols screen.

    Could be a subnet issue as your computer is set to and the node is at

    Try changing the nodes IP to something in the same Class C, such as:

    Also, check that your Subnet Mask is set properly(e.g. 255.255.255.x)

    dot2 and grandMA2 work great in the 10.x.x.x range with both ArtNet, sACN & MA Net. I've been running this IP range for years without any issue using four class C's ( and a subnet mask of I gave myself four class C's so I'd have plenty of room to grow, and separate client equipment that I maintain for them from my own equip(but will be able to communicate with each other).

    dot2 showfiles can be opened and read by grandMA2, but not the other way around.

    I would load your dot2 show into the grandMA2, then Partial Show Read the patch from their gMA2 showfile. Presets and effects can also be brought in via PSR...

    Click here(open in new window)

    Looks like you'll need to make a "chaser"(aka, manually build the effect) to get what you're looking for.

    dot2's predefined effects are limited in that we can't select presets as high/low values. (Wish list?)

    The way I tested what you were looking for was incorrectly done, so please ignore my first post.

    Michael, I think he meant multi-touch support from within the onPC software, correct me if I'm wrong. I too already have a multi-touch capable monitor but can't do more than a single touch point due to the software.

    Disregard, figured it out...

    Program --> Color--> Raw: ColorMix--> ColorMix
    Speed --> Color--> Raw: ColorMix --> ColorMixMacroRate
    Pod Strobe Speed --> Beam --> Raw: Shutter --> Shutter
    SMD Strobe Speed --> Beam --> Raw: Shutter --> Shutter2