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    I’m trying to recreate the old ‘replace in sequence’ macro I used a lot from MA2.

    But, instead of question prompt boxes is there any way to use the GUI for selection input.

    So, ‘clone fixture’ > poke fixture on screen > ‘at fixture’ > poke fixture on screen > if selected sequence

    Anyone any ideas if this is possible?

    Also, has the ‘replace’ keyword been substituted by anything directly?

    So, after 4 weeks working with the same showfile I'm having some very strange behaviour appear... when changing dimmer values via macro occasionally the light being affected will start flashing, looks like its been added to a phaser but there isn't anything running. This has happened twice in 2 days, I don't believe I've changed anything in my workflow.

    Currently my fix is to clear all then 'go to' the cue I'm currently in. Not a horrendous inconvenience but something that I'd love to avoid doing, and I'm worried it'll happen at a more key moment when I can't afford the time pressure.

    anyone had similar happen? Did you find a reason/fix?