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    On the web site scroll down to the "Accessories" section on the page for each console (like on the dot2 Core console page, for example:


    4000016 MA case for dot2 core (by Amptown), also fits two wings
    4000017 MA case for dot2 XL console, (by Amptown), also fits three wings or one core plus wing

    It doesn't look like they are listed on the Amptown web site yet, though. And I have no idea when they'll be available, since I'm just a potential customer too. -- So basically I guess I'm actually of no help to you. ;) I just had seen where they are listed on the web site.

    "If you are just adding a single wing to a Core or XL-? then it would plug in directly with a network patch cable, Simple." - Good point.

    True... it's not that hard at all. But for the novice/inexperienced it still is (slightly) more involved than something dead simple like - "...plug your first wing into the 'Wing1' port on the back of the console, and your second wing into the 'Wing2' port, etc...". I was just thinking that maybe it could be made to be even easier.

    Also I was thinking that when the wings aren't working it's an additional point of failure and troubleshooting that the novice/inexperienced with limited knowledge has to deal with.
    I've know couple of novices for which putting this other separate "black box" that they don't understand into the middle of things would add to the confusion and apprehension they already have about a console, especially when the wings aren't working and all they know is "I plug this cable into the first wing and that port on the switch, this cable into the second wing and that port on the switch, and this other cable into the console and that port on the switch... I did that, but the wings aren't working".

    But, as you point out, when using one wing and just the DMX outputs it IS dead simple - just plug the wing directly into the network port on the back of the console. And likely the truly novice/inexperienced will be doing no more than that anyway - i.e. not using network protocols or multiple wings - so they won't need a switch and it will be dead simple for them.

    (Just in case they're reading this -- I meant no offense to any one on the team that created dot2. I really like what they've done and the direction their headed, and the whole idea behind the dot2 line. I'm just the kind of person that naturally often thinks: "How could this be even better." Especially for things that I already really like! And, I apologize, that part of me kicked in when I saw that you can't just simply connect all your wings directly into the console.)

    Andreas - Thanks for stating it like that.

    At first I was wishing for the option to turn Autofix off, but I now agree that having permanent Autofix is the correct (and a good) decision for the dot2 product line. Especially a very good point that enabling that one simple option will introduce various complexities that would go against the huge focus on ease-of-use of this line. I suspect that's one of the stuggle's MA has in developing the dot2 line - deciding which features to include to provide the functionality folks need and want, while watching out for the potential impact on ease-of-use that adding even one supposedly "small"/"minor" feature could have.