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    I just tried following those steps, yet it still does not want to save to my presets. I am also working of of the dot 2 PC program. No sure if that would affect how I am programming. It works for storing in and keys, but not presets. All of my other effects were able to be stored inside of the presets

    It`s simple. If you store the effect preset in POSITION your Preset contains the values for position. But Ballyhoo is an effect which contains values from both: DIMMER & POSITION. Therefor you have to store your preset in the ALL Section.

    Same thing for FLYOUT.

    I just selected everything and tried to save in the ALL presets. Still not saving the dimmer effect part of Ballyhoo

    Today I began working on creating effects presets for all of the fixtures I will be using for a conference I am running next week. I was working on a different Ballyhoo effect with different position and dimmer settings and when I went to play back those effects, only the position saved in my presets. I have tried resaving the dimmer so many times I have driven myself to insanity. Anyone have an idea why this is happening?