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    Is there any way to export/import a patch created in MA3 to an MA2 patch? I have created a fairly complex patch using the MA3 software and the board that they got me is an MA2. I am hoping not to input everything again by hand since it's a full 20 universes of mixed fixtures. Any help is appreciated.


    Yes, that seems to be the case. I made a new show file and it works but if I load any other saved files it doesn't seem too. I have not tried loading the file up onto my other console as it's not hooked up at the moment. I'll give it a shot and see what happens when I get around to updating the software. As it is right now though I could use the practice of building my new show from scratch when there is no pressure.

    Thanks for the help Ryan. That reset the Grandmaster for me. It's obviously something that I have done inadvertently in my show programming because as soon as I reload my previous show it is gone again. Might be better for me to start from scratch regardless.

    Appreciate you taking the time. Cheers

    I tried the reload command and it did not seem to help. Every time I try assigning the master control knob it just creates a secondary master underneath the existing one. I'll take it into ACT or see about taking it to someone that knows the inner workings of it.

    I am using a compact XT. I have tried loading other shows and even loaded on a show file from my other console that the Grand Master is working properly on but I can't seem to figure out what the issue is. I even upgraded to the newest software and it did not take. It may be something stupid/silly that I am missing but I have spent far too much time on the problem. As soon as I am in front of the console again I will give the reload UI a go. I really appreciate it.

    Unfortunately that is the problem I am running into. At some point I could click on it and now I can't. On my second console I haven't even been able to duplicate whatever I managed to do.

    Has anyone had their IP addresses change automatically? I came in this morning and fired up my board and the following had changed IP Addresses, Preferred IP for sACN and it had erased an Art Net clock. I'm just trying to see if this is at all common or if my board has a hardware issue.


    Thanks Hoss. I have tried both the RGB and the Fix and both of them seem to only run that one effect. All the tubes will do solid colours at least. I might have to just go back to regular control. Cheers