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    Hey JonDMartin,

    if you are doing a timecode show for your personal training purposes I like to suggest that you simply use the internal timecode generator. That keeps you focused on programming rather than setting up the timecode show.
    With real grandMA3 hardware it is easy to plug in a timecode feed. For onPC I recommend to have a look at the grandMA3 I/O Node which provides all necessary inputs for the software.

    Hi L3,

    if you use the MVR export Vectorworks will generate "dummy-GDTF" files for the non-existing ones. After the import in grandMA3 you can replace the dummy fixtures with personalities from any library source. The MVR files will get the patch and coordinates across.
    Please keep im mind that an export from grandMA3 afterwards will not automatically generate the GDTF files.

    It's a long-standing wish of our users to be able to connect and operate a grandMA system with 3rd party visualizers. Based on the well justified demand we are developing a secure and stable connection interface which will be made available to third parties. As of today this project has progressed in a manner that we can safely state we will present it to the public within this year. 

    Once we have finished a solution, we will first contact third party visualizer providers and other external companies to bring a working complete solution to market. This solution will be available for grandMA3 systems.

    Hi taavi,

    you are right - that is not a nice result and there shouldn´t be a workround necessary. The DMX specs allow for up to 1s refresh rate if there is no DMX change. What I struggle with is that you say this happens also when you increase the intensity slowly....

    How do you do that? Is it in the programmer with a turning encoder? Is is sliding a playback fader? Is it a cues with Fade times?

    Would be interesting to know to double-check.


    Hi Bjorn,

    you are right this is more a GDTF in VW format issue. I have been working with this for a while, There is one issue for now that the object file in VW is more detailed than the GDTF file and by default the internal format is used. Another one is that you need to have the GDTF files in a specific folder in VW already before you open the MVR file. I know they are working on that one but it is not yet released.
    So the best workflow that I came up with right now is to start in VW and export to MA. When you re-import into the same VW file the existing connection will be re-created but the changed information will be updated. So the issue for now is the GDTF handling while MVR works pretty well already.
    As much as I can report about Vision we need to wait for the next release/update to see a much better handling of GDTF & MVR data.

    If you want to open and manipulate a GDTF file I recommend the GDTF builder on the GDTF webpage. That is best tool according to GDTF specs so far.


    Hi guys,

    I am curious what you would expect if the Autofix is disabled. How should that work? What are the advantages and disadvantages of it?