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    I want to set the FadeTime of the cue "OffCue" for different sequences.

    The whole thing works fine with this macro so far:

    Sequence 41 thru 45 Cue OffCue CueFade .5

    But if I want to work with the names of the sequences, not only the FadeTime of "OffCue" is changed. I use the following code:

    Sequence "Spots Blinder" + "Wash Blinder White" + "Bars Blinder White" Cue OffCue CueFade .5

    If I use the names, from the first two sequences also the cue "CueZero" and the rest of the cues will be changed. All get .5 FadeTime. But for the last sequence "Bars Blinder White" only the cue "OffCue" is changed. I have also tested this with even more sequences, it is always only the last sequence that is correct.

    What do I have to change so that only the cue "OffCue" is changed for all three sequences?

    Version: onPC (Mac)

    Version: for Windows

    Error code: 0x0000374

    The following situation causes a crash:

    On one screen, the "RDM Devices" window is displayed. And on the second screen the "Live Patch" window with the "RDM" tab is open. Now when I want to change a setting via RDM in the "Live Patch" window or the other one MA3 crashes and displays the error code above. The crash does not happen if only one of the two windows is open.

    The crash can also be created by adding two "RDM Devices" windows.

    I have found a bug from my point of view. In the onPC version for Windows 11.

    I have two Ethernet ports on my onPC device. Both have got fixed IP addresses.

    The following bug I found and I can reproduce it anytime.

    If the network cables are not plugged in, duplicate entries are displayed under Network / MA-Net Interface (see screenshot). The duplicate entries then get their own IP address with 169.

    When I plugged the cables and restart MA3 onPC the duplicate entries are gone again. (see screenshot)

    If the cables are now unplugged again, the duplicate entries do not come back either.

    To create the bug again a restart of the PC is necessary.

    Due to this bug, you then also have two entries under Network / Stations, although only the one with the correct IP address is wanted.

    I want the phaser speed to get faster from cue 1 to cue 2 over a period of e.g. 8s.

    I don't want to use a speed master fader to control it "manually".

    How do I implement something like that?

    If you store the phaser in both cues with different speeds and then set a fadetime of 8s, it doesn't have the effect, because then the two phasers only fade into each other. Is it possible to store only the speed in cue 2?

    Thanks for your help!

    1. i have not saved the executor configuration in between. While I am in the view, I would actually expect that my entries are not deleted again.

    2. ok I understand, but still I don't understand the reason why I can't add Row 100 afterwards.

    3. all right, then I know now how to delete it again. But I would expect from the UX that the areas are toggleable.

    1. bug: I have occupied the row 200 at the Executor. Then I add in row 300 for the encoder at LeftCmd "load previous" and "load next" at RightCmd. So far so good that works.

    If I now want to fill row 400, the loadinfos of row 300 are automatically deleted and I have to enter them again. This is working, but the deletion should not happen.

    2. another bug is that I can not occupy row 100, if I have first occupied row 200.

    3. maybe not a bug, but I would like to know how I can delete entries from row 300/400 again, so that the knobs and buttons are no longer lighted. I would like to be able to continue using row 200 without having to delete everything.

    Ok , I see.
    According to your instructions with NEXT it works. But I had not done this way the two times it worked.

    I have selected the lamps via the fixture sheet. Then set the dimmer for both, then clicked on only one lamp and gave it a color and then for the other. After that I selected both lamps again in the Fixture Sheet. In the Selection Grid it is also displayed correctly. But when you save it, it seems to lose some info about the Selection Grid.
    But then I have a solution for me for now.

    I use version on Windows.
    For position presets it works according to your instructions. For color presets only the second color is displayed.

    I rebuilt the example from the video tutorials and adapted it according to your instructions. All profile lights are blue. The red is not used. There is no problem with the Postions preset. I think this is probably a bug only for color presets.

    I have the same problem. In the eLearning training "grandMA3 User Training v1.5 - Controlling Fixtures" it is shown how the inputs in MAtricks are directly visible in 3D. Unfortunately, when following the instructions in version, this is no longer displayed live. Is this a bug or has something changed in the version?