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    I have a currently running session on my Compact XT. I’m trying to join the session with my OnPC Command Wing. When I try to join it will connect for roughly 20 seconds and then boot off the OnPC and throw it in standalone mode. Is there potentially a setting somewhere or something I’m missing to make this run smoothly?

    Running version 1.8 on both systems.

    In the same IP range Compact at and CW at

    Key and location both match (default settings)

    Master priority on compact set to normal and CW set to Low

    I’m having mixed experiences with the web remote set up. I am running GrandMA 3 OnPC Version the system is running on my Windows 10 computer decked out with:

    Processor: 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-1165G7 @ 2.80GHz

    Installed RAM: 64GB

    System Type: 64-bit OS, x64-based processor

    Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060

    Total available graphics memory: 38745MB

    Dedicated video memory: 6144MB GDDR5

    At times the web remote will work 100% perfect, no issues. Usually at the start of the day. As time progresses, maybe it’s been an hour or two since I started the show file and I’ve connected and disconnected the remote a handful of times with no issues, I’ll go back in and start to see a significant amount of lag. I’m counting as much as 10 seconds or more per action. It’s become detrimental to my workflow. Additionally, at seemingly random times connecting to the web remote will crash the master session. It’s very clear that the web remote connection is the cause of the crash.
    I am using an Apple iPad Pro 12.9” 5th gen to connect. It’s practically brand new with 256gb memory and nearly all of that still available for use. My wifi router is a NetGear Nighthawk R6700v3. At first I thought it had to deal with the WiFi router or my proximity to it but I can load other pages at breakneck speed from any distance. I have also run a wifi sniffer to see if there were any network interferences for this venue and I’m away from anything that could be of harm to my signal.
    The lag seems to be isolated to the MA Remote. Shutting down the iPad and restarting everything helps marginally improve speed but I can’t be doing that consistently all day long.

    Does anyone on the form have an idea of what might be going on and how I can improve my webremote experience?

    thanks for the help!

    2 CrashLogs attached

    GPU is an Intel(R) Iris(R) Plus Graphics 655

    Chip Type: Intel(R) Iris(R) Plus Graphics Family

    DAC Type: Internal

    Adaptor String: Intel(R) Iris(R) Plus Graphics 655

    Bios Info: Intel Video BIOS

    Total Graphics Memory: 8254MB

    Dedicated Video Memory: 128MB

    System Video Memory: 0MB

    Shared System Memory: 8126MB

    I’m running MA3 1.6 on a movie right now. The software seems to randomly crash multiple times throughout the day. There doesn’t seem to be a universal cause for the crashes. Sometimes it happens when I’m adjusting too many effects in tangent, other times when my web remote connects, and other times still it’ll be when nothing is changing and it’s simply running a sequence. I’m having a hard time finding the root cause of the issue. There is an underlying common trend. After each crash the start up window reads “Exception error code: 0xc0000005”

    I can’t seem to find any info on this online yet. Is anyone else experiencing a similar issue and would be able to help me solve this to prevent future crashes?