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    Hello forum,

    i want to set the fadermaster inside a sequence f.e. sequence 3:

      fadermaster sequence 3 at 100

    This is done in the sequencelist in the cmd column and works fine. until i move the whole sequence to another position.

    Is there something like "currentsequence" which i can use instead of "sequence 3" ?

    Hello Forum,

    i connected an external midi device (nanoKontrol2 Korg) and connected a button to a sequence as GO+ and it works fine.

    When i change the button to flash, then the lights go on, but when i release the button the lights dont go off.

    Midi commands where fired on press and on release of the button. In the menu->In&Out i see the value jumps from 0% to 100% and back.

    Is my sequence wrong?

    With the executors it works fine.

    Hello Ryan,

    yes,this is helpful. But anyway i have to click several times from "Control 1 of 4" to "Control 3 of 4" to see the desired attribute.

    In my theater like shows there are diferent fans, blowers, motors. Therefore many different control attributes.

    I can handle that. No problem.


    Hello Forum,

    when i copy a new gdtf file into the gdtf folder C:\ProgramData\MALightingTechnology\gma3_1.5.2\shared\lib_fixture_types\gdtf i cant see it in the "insert new fixtures" dialog.

    How can i update this dialog to see the new gdtf file?

    How do you get rid of the PosMSpeed, Color Mic MSpeed and Fixture Global Reset?

    No matter what fixture i select, these 3 attributes are there

    Hello Forum,

    I have build a GDTF File for my Hazer HZ-200. He have two DMX Channels for fog and a fan. If i select the hazer in the fixture sheet, i can not reach the fog attribute in the encoderbar (Control) only Fan1 is shown.

    Is there an example how to handle fog / hazer machines in grandma3?

    It is confusing, that all the useless attributes like dimmer, position, gobo,... in the encoderbar are visible when i have selected the hazer.

    the shuffle is not really random.

    1. When i press shuffle, one random order is generated. This order will repeated every time until i press shuffle again.

    2. In the selection grid i see the pseudo random lights, but the 3D Window the shuffle order is not active (i see the unshuffled order).

    Hello Forum,

    i connected an Korg nanoKontrol2 to my PC.

    Then i opended Grandma3onPC

    In Menu->Settings->onPC Settings the device is selected

    In Menu->In&Out the Midi Channel, Index .. is configured. But nothing happens.

    "B0 40 7F" is sent by the nanoKontrol2.

    B0 = ControlChange MidiChannel 1

    40 = Midi Index 64

    7F = 127

    But nothing happens when i press this button on the GrandMa3.

    No wing or node is connected. Is this the problem?

    Hello Krzysztof,

    thanks for your help! When i add a new fixture R,G and B is at 100!

    Is there a way to update the fixtures without loosing all the Position values, Grouping, DMX-Adresses and so on.