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    When working with MATricks today, I was unable to find a way to store any "none" values to a pool object, and I'm wondering if it's possible to do so.

    For example, I can store an object with "XGroup 2 XWings 2" and one with "XGroup 4 XBlock 2", but if I call up the first one and then call up the second, the XWings setting remains at 2 rather changing to none, which was the setting when the second was stored. I was also unable to store an "all none" pool object.

    Also, what does the Knockout keyword do? It appears in the list, but there's no info in the manual about it.

    I do, absolutely. It's infuriating to have to buy over $200 of software (Parallels and Windows) so I can use a FREE program! I would have been happier to pay for the Mac version of MA instead.

    I don't use, or plan to use, the command wing, but I do work offline a lot, and the MA offline editors are the only programs I use in my Windows emulator. I don't know what the percentage of Mac to Windows users in general is, but 75 - 80% of my colleagues use Macs exclusively.

    ETC gave us cross-platform editors for EOS, and I know that has helped both them and us.

    The Virtuoso successor V676 and its little brother, V476, are both Mac based. In fact, V476 runs on a Mac Mini that's built into the console.

    So, not only can you find a serious lighting control system that is Mac based, the entire first family of lighting control (Artisan -> Virtuoso -> V676) is.