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    I've been experiencing an issue lately with the past few versions of the software that I've been seeing since updating past version

    When I create Relative Position Phasers and Integrate them around a Preset Position, the Phaser starts to swing wider than the effect path shows.

    Unfortunately, this is not just a visual bug, and all my motion effects on new and old sequences have wider throws when using Relative Position effects. They will cross over the Relative Position points but will swing wider than the path from point to point. This doesn't happen with Absolute Position Effects, only with Relative. I tried creating a new show file and experienced the same issue with Relative Position Effects. Would anyone know a fix for this?
    Image1: Shows the fixture deviating from the Relative Position Path.
    Image2: Shows an example of how an Absolute Position Effect appears. Also how Relative Position Phasers appeared on version
    NOTE: If I set the position using a preset and then add my Relative Position Phaser it follows the correct path, but I've run into issues with tracking position on Sequences if I do it this way. It's only when I integrate the Phaser at the Preset Position that it begins to swing wider than the effect path shows.
    I have 2 types of moving fixtures and the issue occurs with Phasers on either fixture: Chauvet Rouge R2 Wash and Maverick MK1 Spot