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    I should add that there's another bug with worlds where sometimes they don't show up in the 3-D window properly. For some reason there seems to be more problems if the world was created with a macro in my experience. For example I created three worlds A,B and C with a macro, and when either of the three worlds is selected it only shows world A in the 3D window, however the other worlds work functionally and display properly on the layout window.

    I'm getting some strange behavior when trying to 'Store /remove' groups from worlds. In most cases it just doesn't do anything, and in other cases it will overwrite with the full world instead. I am assuming this is a known bug but couldn't find any specific info online.

    Is there a known bug that causes consoles to crash/reset? I have a grandma3 late and it seems to be coming a more common occurrence for it to simply shut down at random points, generally while I’m programming but it’s never anything specific that I do, Sometimes it happens right as I click on something but other times it’s in between actions. It simply blacks out for a split second and goes straight back to the mode 2 selection screen.

    I have a festival this weekend and just hoping it doesn’t shut down on me mid show, But it seems to be happening at least on a daily basis and maybe as often as every two or three hours of on-time

    Thank you for the reply! This will help for now!
    It definitely seems like there is so much more potential for the grid tool! It would make sense to have a 3D selection tool that would place the entire rig on a 3D grid.
    Also a “symmetrical” option would be cool for the grid where we could place fixtures on the negative X-axis , similarly to the way the 3D layout works. This would include the ability to select fixtures by choosing a center point and selecting from center out (like the Align tool). Since 95% of lighting rigs tend to be symmetrical this could be very helpful.

    Programming with some elation sixbars which are essentially 12 LED sub-fixtures on a bar in a line. I have different stage setups where some are vertical and some are horizontal. The 3-D layout works great for creating their positions on stage (despite a bug with the encoders that confuses the values—but that’s for another post). But unfortunately The 2-D select tool from the camera view does not select sub-fixtures in multi-instance fixtures (there is a column in the patch sheet but it is un-clickable) This seems like a huge oversight that hopefully will be added eventually as this was possible years ago on MA2. Additionally, one is unable to create a layout view from a camera view, a previously handy feature from MA2. At least it is very easy with the layout set-up arrangement feature to set up sub fixtures appropriately in the layout view but , as you may have guessed selecting fixtures in the layout view on a 2-D plane does not put them in that same arrangement on the selection grid, it simply places them in linear order.

    Ultimately in order to create the desired layout grid I end up having to select everything individually, and here in lies the greatest frustration of all dealing with the selection grid. If you select the main fixtures for example fixture 101 through 110 the selection grid will place those fixtures in a line on the x-axis as you would expect and then pressing ‘down’ arranges the sub -fixtures in a grid going down the Y-axis. If you want to place them horizontally you can select each main fixture individually placing them down the y-axis, then press ‘down’ arranges the sub fixtures in a grid going horizontally. These options are great if you just need a grid of fixtures which are right next to each other but when you try to spread them out, or use the ‘down’ key to select multiple instances, the selection grid goes sort of haywire, stacking the instances on the Z-axis , Sometimes stacking them all into a single illegible fixture point (which I’m guessing is a bug).

    Ultimately the only way to create the grid the way you want it is to painstakingly select each individual sub fixture one at a time which becomes incredibly tedious.

    Has anyone else run into this problem, or found a solution?


    -Simply enable sub-fixtures to be selected via 2D selection from the 3D window

    -Ideally I think the selection grid should be editable with the same tools you can adjust the layout view with! No Brainer!

    -If not, at the very least the layout view should be able to be built from the camera view, And selecting fixtures from the layout view should arrange fixtures the same way in the selection grid- another no brainer!

    -Make it possible to choose which direction you want the fixtures to be laid out on the grid as you select them (x,y, or z)