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    For clarity, that pair of encoders works on other attributes (e.g. if you have fixtures with enough color attributes to use that encoder, then that encoder controls the color as expected), yes?

    Yes, that’s correct. That pair of encoders, as well as all encoders, functions correctly on all attributes for fixtures. They only cease to function when in the VX section and we try to use them to control attributes related to the LED video walls (i.e., folder, file, color, etc.).

    Ryan Kanarek

    Additionally, regarding the encoder wheels - they all generally function correctly when operating lighting fixtures, but no function whatsoever in the video “VX” section (circled in the photo). We are able to touch-select the “file” encoder wheel tab (also circled in the photo - the LD who installed the system added that custom label) which brings up the the keypad and then input numbers on the keypad. After the update, we ran the same show as usual on v1.7.2.2. Having no luck with that version we tried to again run it in v1.6.3.7 but the encoders no longer responded. I will take a close look through the patch list for that type of fixture. If that is not readily apparent, would your advice be to patch a GDTF fixture to the server? And is there a section in the manual that explains that process?

    Ryan Kanarek

    My sincerest thanks. The grandMA3 is in my church and was installed by a professional LD who needed some work during Covid. He’s extremely talented and did a great job. But since the entertainment industry has now opened back up, he has returned to traveling and is seldom available to us. Thus we are trying our best to learn the system but it has been a bit like drinking from a fire hose.

    Again, my thanks for your kind reply.

    I am running onPC (Windows 11) with Command Wing that was recently upgraded from to As a result of that upgrade several issues have arisen. Firstly, I am having a great many crashes which is very frustrating. However, even with the Auto-save function set to every 5 minutes, the only available saved version is what I manually backed up to internal and/or thumb drive. Is there a "save" file or menu that would show the incremental versions that were auto-saved every 5 minutes?

    Additionally, prior to upgrade I was able to use the dual encoder wheels to scroll through graphics files on a remote media hard drive for display on LED walls. This was done in the video layer and encoder wheels could scroll through "folder", "file", etc., in the gobo section. I've searched the manual, the internet and this forum for weeks and cannot find info on how to re-assign that function to the wheels. Does this sound remotely familiar to anyone and can anyone please explain the process to enable this function?

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    My church uses a grandMA3 onPC Command Wing (Windows11) along with an onPC 2Port Node 2k. All works well but we have unfortunately run out of channels. Is it possible to add an additional onPC 2Port Node 2k, or perhaps substitute the current for a 4Port Node 4k giving more universes/channels? I am a complete novice trying to fill in for an absentee LD and any help that could be offered is greatly appreciated.

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