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    The new Fixture Layout Views are great but would like to have one function added there: I would like to move the fixtures with the encoders not just with the touch screen. It would also be great to use Align function while moving the fixtures there. This came to my mind when I had 50 Sunstrip fixtures and they were put vertically in a single row on a truss. It took a very long time to put that setup on one layout cause a sunstrip is always horizontal when stored to a layout.

    Have you seen the new MATricks Macros in the macro pool?
    They can be used with the effects. :)

    I've totally missed those macros! They would do the trick! I'd maybe still prefer to have the simple options of Groups, Blocks and Wings in the effect editor :) But thanks!

    And I also wan't give a vote for executor priority function to be added in the future.

    This has been already mentioned but I want to address this issue so that it would hopefully be added asap.

    Groups, Blocks and Wings button on effect window!

    I must say that I was greatly surprised and disappointed when I sat down with the dot2 and rig of 44 Sunstrips and realized that (in my opinion) the very basic thing like Groups and Blocks were not found in the effect window. And I couldn't found any reasonable workaround either. So please add the feature or tell me if there is workaround for them.