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    I have found out that dimmer presets are very helpful when using recipes. My entire show is programmed with hard-values in the dimmer attribute.

    Is there a way to search the showfile for wherever there has been used a dimmer value, create a dimmer preset that corresponds with the value, and then overwrite the hard value to the new preset?

    No need to be a 1-step process, so any help, tips and tricks is gladly received.



    I need help with labeling macros with variables.

    The macro does this:
    1: SetGlobalVar "FadeX" ("What fade time?")

    2: Label Macro 306 "FadeX Time = "$FadeX" "

    If I set variable "FadeX" to be 1, the macro is labeled "FadeX Time = 1", but if I use punctuation, i.e "1.4", the macro is still labeled as "1".
    Same thing with "0.4", will give me a label of "FadeX Time = 0"

    Any tips?



    So I was looking for how to stop the speed in a phaser.

    I tried Hoss' way, but my resault is not quite what I am looking for.

    Phaser running in Cue 2.
    In cue 3 I run Macro 501 in the CMD.

    Macro 501:


    Selfix Group 19

    Capture EncoderPage 2

    Stomp EncoderPage 2

    Store /Overwrite


    This only works once, but I need it to work every time I run the macro.

    Is there another workaround?

    When changing the dimmer value of any given group or fixture whilst a cue is active, the fixtures (more often than not) starts a dimmer sine phaser.

    Does this have something to do with tracking from previous cues, or is this a bug?



    I've found a bug in recipes. When changing two or more groups in a recipe line, the onPC software will crash. It has happened several times now.
    Just changing one group at a time works fine.

    onPC v1.6.3.7

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    I want to store groups using MAtricks, but it is not "taking my selection".

    1. Selecting a group containing 30 fixtures (FixID #201->#230)

    2. Applying MAtricks XGroup of 3. This gives me 3 groups of 10 fixtures.

    3. I store them as Group 1/3, 2/3, and 3/3.

    4. If I select Group 1/3 and next through it, it should be fixture #201, #204, #207 etc, but instead it's #201, #202, #203, #204 etc.

    The Selection Grid in the group of 30 shows all the fixtures across the X-axis, but Group 1/3 shows #201, Group 2/3 shows #202, and Group 3/3 shows #203.

    The 1-2-3/3 groups shows the correct selection in the Fixture window.

    In MA2, I would do this by using interleave 1 of 3 and then store my groups.


    Help would be greatly appreciated.