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    The fixture I am using is the Martin Mac Viper Profile. I have 5 parameters under the Gobo feature: Gobo1; Gobo1 Index/Rotate; Gobo 2; Gobo2 Index/Rotate; and Gobo 3.

    I have presets for the Gobo 1 patterns, and I have been trying to store separate presets exclusively with gobo 1 rotating speeds. I set the mode to rotate, and set the speed, then I make sure that the rotate parameter is the only active value in the programmer ready to be stored. But it always recalls as an index value. I mainly am just wanting an executor to activate the gobo rotate, while having the actual gobo patterns on another executor.

    I was able to make this work with another fixture profile: Elation Platinum Spot 15r. Is this a bug? Or is there something I'm missing regarding how the Mac Viper fixture profiles are configured?

    Hi, I've been trying to make presets for gobo rotate speeds, but whenever I try to recall the presets, it recalls the value as a gobo index instead of rotate. How can I get it to recall in rotate mode instead of index?


    I've been trying to use phasers as a way of finding interesting positions and storing them as static presets. But I can't find a way to store the absolute pan/tilt values without also storing the running phaser. I know on MA2 you could use the "Store - Data Source Output" function to do that, but I see that feature isn't available on MA3 yet.

    Is there any kind of work around to do this in MA3?