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    Correct, which is why I thought it was weird I was getting intermittent signal. Once I had everything set up and I disconnected the console, output to the epix strips was fine. Again, adding another ethernet adapter and running two networks has fixed the issue for me.

    Was running into some conflicts with my media server.

    I'm running a dot2 Core, F-Wing, Node 4, Media Server with Resolume and a drive rack for Chauvet Epix Strips.

    When everything was connected, I was getting signal, but it was intermittent. I solved it though, just installed a second PCIe ethernet adapter into my media server.

    Now, the dot2, wing and node are media server ethernet 1 are all on the same ip range and Epix Strip drive rack and media server ethernet 2 are on a second range and all is groovy.

    Hey, I'm having some issues with the SetIP Command in the dot.2.

    I'm trying to change the IP address for ArtNET from to

    The Command I'm using is:

    SetIP eth0:1

    dot.2 asks if I want to reboot and I select OK, but there is no change.

    What am I doing wrong?

    I've got 4 Sharpies in 3D that I'm using to compare, center value tilt a -45, everything else is normal. I'm noticing the only difference is the 1/2 tilt sine is a little faster and not as smooth than the regular.

    Maybe I'm just confused on how I can apply these effects in a new/creative way. Any ideas?

    Hey guys, thanks so much for the help the last few months. I really appreciate everyone taking the time to answer all my questions. This community, while small, has been a great help to a lot of people :)

    I'm trying to fix the profile for a Chauvet Legend 330SR Spot. It happens to default to 100% Iris, which it's setting at 100% is a pulse open effect. I would love to have it default at 0%, which is a wide iris setting.

    Messing around in the fixture builder, I haven't been able to figure out how to have it default at 0 instead of 255, without drastically changing the rest of the profile. Any master profile builders out there that could give me a tip on this? Thanks.

    I've been trying to build this thing in the fixture builder, but I've been having some problems.

    1.) It won't let me add multiple dimmer channels, which in 25 channel mode, each dmx channel is an individual dimmer.

    2.) I can't seem to figure out how to make the two macro channels work.

    I've attached the user manual for this custom chinese light, can anyone figure out how to put it together or step by step me through it? I'll be using this fixture this weekend and just found out there's no real profile for it.

    Thanks for the help everyone! I figured out how to route audio back into my PC as a record.

    For people who are having the same problem as I was in Windows 10, right click on your Volume Mixer and open up Recording Devices.

    You want to make sure the Stereo Mix option is enabled, so your PC recognizes your PC audio as a record in.

    Thank you for the advice, Jan_Doe!

    Unfortunately when I do this, it's not seeing the audio from spotify. If I put on a headset with a microphone, it sees the microphone input though :/

    I do a lot of preprogramming at home, using my computer and the onPC software. If I'm programming to a track, is there a way to route the audio in onPC to see a source already internal, like spotify?

    Love the tutorials, will definitely help me out in the near future!

    I have a question! On video Fixture Builder 01, at about 4:23 it's mentioned that you need to know that RGBColor 15 is UV. Is there a list somewhere so we can know which functions are which colors and any of the other weird parameters that should be "just known", but aren't but us amateur fixture profile builders?

    Hey all!

    Does anyone know if its possible to save a look based on the outputs of my active cue stacks and chases?

    i.e. If I build a cue stack of different color looks, a second stack of position cues and a toggle button of a chase, could I activate them, find a combination I like and save it to main executor, clear the programmer, build a second look, save it to the main executor and then fire between the two cues with the Go+ Button?

    This would save me a LOT of time on show site when the client doesn't know what they want, but wants active input when going through show flow at reheasals.

    Thanks in advance for all the help!